Giant despair pilgrim’s progress

Ans:-‘Giant Despair is a shared of the famous book, The Pilgrim’s Progress, written by John Bunyan, the great writer, essayist, thinker, and scholar during classical age in English language and literature. Giant despair pilgrim’s progress

It is coated with experience, met during the pilgrimage. The writer has vividly delineated the lively description of the giant and his habitation in a piercing manner.

Giant despair pilgrim's progress
Giant despair pilgrim’s progress

Giant despair questions and answers

Readmore from 1st Year (click) During the course of the pilgrimage, the pilgrims have deviated from the right path and They came near a castle called Doubting castle. The owner of this castle was giant despair and the pilgrims were taking rest within the jurisdiction of the giant.

.As they were in profound sleep, all of a sudden, they awoke after hearing gruffly and harsh noise of the giant. The giant had approached before them and there was a reflection of terror on his countenance.

They in a crouching manner told the giant about their identity and they showed their helplessness due to their losing way. At their request the giant showed callous behaviour and they were accused of trespassing the ground of the giant by trampling in and lying on the ground of giant without- prior permission.

The pilgrim’s progress summary

The pilgrims were forced to follow him and they were made prisoners and were put into a very dark dungeon of the castle. They did not get even a drop of drink, a bit of bread, or any light form Wednesday morning till Saturday night.

Giant despair pilgrim's progress
Giant despair pilgrim’s progress

As a matter of fact, they found themselves in an awkward position and were far from friends and acquaintances. They were in grim sorrow due to uncalled distress. Giant Despair was devoid of humanity and by nature he was a cad.

He narrated the incident in detail to his wife, Diffidence. He also narrated their misery, inflicted by him. She advised her husband to belabor the pilgrimage without mercy. As per her advice, giant despair got up early in the morning, took a grievous crabtree.

CIJdgel and went down into the dungeon where the pilgrims were kept as captives, At first, he fell upon them, beat them ‘mercilessly in such manner that even they were not able to tum upon the floor.

After that, he left them to condole their misery.and to mourn under their distress. On that day, all the pilgrims spent their time in nothing but sighs and bitter lamentation.

Summary of pilgrim’s progress

The next night, Diffidence again suggested her husband make away from them. The next morning, Giant Despair rushed them in a surly manner and told them that they were not allowed to come out of that place so they must make an end of their lives either with knife or poison.

He further said that they must choose either of these. All the pilgrims requested him to let them go. At this, Giant Despair looked upon them and rushed to them and wanted to kill them. But he fell into one of his fits because he used to get dizziness in his mind.

He lost his sense and his organs momentarily ceased to work. For some moment, the pilgrims were given a chance to consider what to do for their escape. This shred of the narrative is full of lively descriptions.

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The words applied are highly suggestive, impressive, evocative, touchy, and up-to-marks. The marks of punctuation are used in abundance.

The writer John Bunyan has depicted the situation in an explicit, vivid, and consummate manner.


Pilgrim’s progress giant despair

Giant despair pilgrim's progress
Giant despair pilgrim’s progress

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