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Write a critical appreciation of either Giant despair pilgrim’s progress : Summary

Giant despair pilgrim’s progress Ans:-‘Giant Despair is a shared of the famous book, The Pilgrim’s Progress, written by John Bunyan, the great writer, essayist, thinker, and scholar during classical age in English language and literature. Giant despair pilgrim’s progress It is coated with experience, met during the pilgrimage. The writer has vividly delineated the lively

Write a critical estimate on Dante and Shakespeare : Dante’s inferno Shakespeare Summary

Dante and Shakespeare Ans:- ‘Dante and Shakespeare’, is a fragment of Prose work, ‘the Hero as a poet in Heroes and Hero-worship’ written by Thomas Carlyle, the great writer, thinker, and scholar during the Victorian period in English language and literature. Dante and Shakespeare Summary Read 1st Year Summary (click) In this article, the writer has
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