Paragraph on class Monitor travelling Discipline

Paragraph on class Monitor travelling Discipline, The Duties of class monitor and Importance of Discipline and Educational Value of Travelling with your Favourite game. All of 150 to 200 words.


Our class monitor has some duties. He maintains the class in absence of the teacher. He takes roll-call if the class teacher is absent. He leads his companions to the assembly spot.

There he has to make us fall in line quickly. He must maintain discipline in the class. He sees that students sit in their allotted seats. If two students quarrel, the monitor settles the matter.

If any student disobeys him, he reports to the class teacher or the Headmaster. In the period of games, he takes us out to the playground. His name is Anuj. All of us love him. It makes his job easier. The monitor is next to our class teachers for us.


Discipline is easy to recognise but difficult to define. It influences everything that we do in our life. We never succeed unless we work with a sense of discipline. We move orderly.

We act With respect for rules. We follow a system. Discipline is a way of life. That is why it is best learnt in childhood, at home and in school. Study and games both require a sense of discipline is necessary to discipline.

A disciplined society lives in peace. National for progress. Nature is the best teacher for learning discipline.

Discipline is the key to success in every sphere of life. It is also the product of love and peace. We cannot force it down on anyone. It flows out of love and regard for rules.


Education through travelling is the best play-way method. From the moment the journey is planned, children begin to pass sleepless nights.

They go on asking their parents when to start. We see new places-historical, geographical, zoological and botanical. A geography lesson may be boring.

But it becomes clear to us when we see rivers, mountains etc. with our own eyes. Museums, zoological gardens, monuments, coins and picture galleries give us a clear idea of history.

We learn manners and behaviour in trains, in hotels and from fellow passengers through travelling. We learn many things through travelling what we cannot learn in the classroom so, travelling is a means of education.


Of all the games, I like football most. It is an outdoor game. It is played between twenty-two players; eleven on each side.

Here is one referee. He referees the play. All have to obey him. Nobody can go against his order. He is our master there. This play is an education.

‘It is a ball of discipline, obedience, health, manners and whatnot. All have to remain cautious all the time. Nobody can deceive anyone here.

It is a very good play for our recreation and health. It is a part of education. Recreation is also a part of education. We ought to play it regularly. It is an international game.

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India has produced several great men. Out of all, Mahatma Gandhi is one of them. Of course, Mahatma Gandhi was a great leader of India. He was born on 2nd October 1869 in Gujrat.

He was great right from his childhood. He worked for the freedom of India. He was sent to jail several times. He “was kicked and beaten by the British rulers.

But Gandhiji peacefully wanted India’s freedom. He was a simple man. He believed in love, truth and nonviolence. He loved all men as his brothers. He worked for the good of the Harizans and other poor people.

He was killed by Nathuram Godse on 30th January 1948. His body died but his soul is not dead. Even today he is loved and respected all over the world.

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