Pride and Prejudice meaning in Hindi

( Pride and Prejudice meaning in Hindi = गौरव तथा पक्षपात )

( Pride and Prejudices Hindi = गर्व और पूर्वाग्रह )

Pride = गौरव
Prejudice = पक्षपात
prejudices  = पूर्वाग्रह
Ans:- The basis of social relations in ‘ Pride and Prejudice’ is economic and Jane Austen has exposed it with an ironic smile. The characters in the novel are guided in their relationship by monetary considerations. Pride and Prejudice meaning in Hindi

Mrs. Bennet one ambition in life is to see her daughter well married to eligible young men, and their eligibility is to be judged only by my standard, the economic She has no objections even if any of her daughters marry a military officer, however corrupt he may be, provided that he has five or six thousand a year.

Pride and Prejudice meaning in Hindi
Pride and Prejudice meaning in Hindi

Read more from English 2nd Year (click) She considers Bingley an excellent match for jane not for any other consideration, but solely because he has a large fortune. ” A single man of large fortune; four or five thousand a year, what a fine thing for our girls.

” The words have a tinge of irony, it is as if the novelist is laughing in her sleeves at this mercenary motivation of Mrs. Bennet.

Consider pride and prejudice as a social comedy

Indeed, Mrs. Bennet’s obsession with money makes her an absurd, ridiculous character, we can not help laughing at her when she considers the absurd Mr. collins a suitable match tor sensible and cultured Elizabeth, merely because he can provide her with a comfortable home.

His only recommendation is that he is a man of sufficient means. The acceptance of Me calling on the part of charlotte Locas is another instance of economic considerations gaming even marriage – relationships.

The attitude of the Lucases towards love and marriage is entirely materialistic. Any man will do so long as he can provide a suitable, comfortable is for this reason that charlotte accepts the fool or Hunsford and her parents approve of her choice.

However, the absurdity of Mi.collins and the kind of life charlotte leads at Hunsford has been fully exposed through the stay of Elizabeth at the Parsonage.

Show that in pride and prejudice money is the basis of social relations

We feel that Elizabeth was right in rejection of the pompous and absurd Mr collins and the mercenary nature of charlotte is thrown into sharp relief by contrast with the sensible attitude of Elizabeth.

However, Elizabeth herself is not entirely free from this materialistic bias. At the sight of the beautiful and grand Pemberley Park, a sudden impulse to possess passes through her and she regrets her rejection of Darcy’s proposal.

Pride and Prejudice meaning in Hindi
Pride and Prejudice meaning in Hindi

Ironically enough, she accepts Mr. Darcy only after her visit to Pemberley Hall N.P. Mr. Wickham himself is a character with whom money is everything He must get money by hook or by crook. He tried to elope with Miss Darcy not because he loved her, but because she had a large fortune.

Pride and Prejudice as a social and domestic comedy

He flirted with Miss kind for this very reason. He agreed to marry Lydia only when he had extorted a large amount of money from Darcy. Wickham Lydia’s episode is a criticism of the military – the life of the day, it is also a criticism of parents like Mr. Bennet who neglect their children.

Had he taken more care of his daughters, and exercised greater control over their men. Lydia would not have acted in such a disgraceful man. Wickham has been shown as thoroughly depraved and wicked ready to sacrifice honor, virtue, friendship, everything, for the sake of money.

The arrogant and ill-mannered Lady de Bourgh has also become a victim of the ironic smile of the writer. She has a large fortune, and her sole diversion in life is to display her splendor. It is for this reason that she invites people to dinner.

Those who flatter her, like collins and tolerate her insolent behavior are liked by her. This contemptible, stupid lady does not like that Elizabeth should marry Darcy because Elizabeth is poor and he comes off a moneyed aristocratic family.

However, her attempts at preventing their marriage only make her ridiculous. The readers are much amused at her discomfiture. Ironically enough, her efforts serve to hasten the union of Darcy and Elizabeth which she had tried to prevent.

Thus pride and prejudice is a social comedy in which social relationship. even love and marriage relations, find a mercenary motivation


Pride and prejudice in Hindi

Pride and prejudice Hindi

Pride and Prejudice meaning in Hindi
Pride and Prejudice meaning in Hindi

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