Analysis of on his blindness

” Analysis of on his blindness by John Milton ” is a beautiful sonnet composed by John Milton. Milton is considered to be the greatest poet of English Literature. It was he who for the first time give epic – grandeur to English poetry.

Milton wanted to serve God with his poetic talent bestowed on him by God. But at the age of about 42, he becomes blind. After his blindness, he is very sad in this sonnet the poet has described the conflicts of his mind.

On his blindness by John Milton

Milton takes his blindness seriously. A question arises in his mind and it disturbs him very much. This is nothing but a sort of conflict. The poet is afraid of the thought that perhaps God will punish him for not making use of the talent given to him.

The inner conscience of the poet comes to his rescue. It resolves the conflict. It consoles the poet that God does not need any kind of service from man. God is the king of kings. He has a number of angles at his back and calls They are always ready to carry out the works assigned to them.

The poet a reply from the soul that he who bears. His mind yoke patiently saves Him best. It is enough to stand and wait for his commands.

The given sonnet beings with despair and ends in hope. In the octave part of the sonnet, the conflict arising in the mind of the poet has been described But the conflict has been resolved in its sestet portion. The poem imparts us a good lesson i.e. We should travel along life’s path with patience and sincerity.

On his blindness summary

The given sonnet has been written in conventional Petrarchan style. The poet has every successfully expressed a universal idea. Really the given poem is one of the most successful poems in our poetry selection.

Analysis of on his blindness
Analysis of on his blindness


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