Animal Farm as a fairy story

Animal Farm as a fairy story, A fairy tale or fairy story is the story of fairness whose land is known as the fairyland, a land that has nothing to do with this world. However, to be precise, it has the consistent element of fantasy.

It is full of flights of fancy. George Orwell in his fiction, Animal farm has given the type of fairy tale which hardly speaks of the fact of the utter failure of the political system in the Soviet Union in 1944 when he wrote this novel and before it.

Discuss the novel Animal Farm

So like every fairy story it is an incredible one. But simultaneously it is also ve presented the different shorts of animals and the Manor farm especially Animal Farm symbolizes the totalitarian state.

The characters are animals, they are Napoleon, Squealer, Boxer, Snowball, Major Clover, and Mollie. Major stands for Lenin, Napoleon for Stalin, and Snowball for Trotsky though all of them are political leaders big and small they are also like characters of the fable of fiction which is akin to that of a fairy tale, spicy and pleasant.

The political leaders are In the beginning Major, the leader of the animals deliver a revolutionary speech against Mr. Jones who is the owner of Manor Farm. This Mr. Jones is the czar and his farm is the pre-October revolution Russia. Then and there, we have the entrance into the fairyland all animals there are expected to behave as human agents.

Animals become their masters after the revolution against Mr. Jones succeeds. Among the animals, pigs are known as intellectuals. That is why they are asked to supervise the work of other animals. Thereafter we observe the “battle of the cowshed in which animals attack Jone’s men.

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Animal farm a fairy story summary

The writer presents the incident very vividly and tells us how a boy was attacked by Boxer. We also find that the animals do not attack with sophisticated weapons. They rather do it with horns and hoofs. Their horns and hoofs themselves are war weapons.

Even the flag which the animals have chosen for their new regime contains hoofs and horns as the monogram. The writer does not lose the realism of the imaginative world and he gets back from that land only when he can find the conclusion. It is now confirmed that the animal fable is the best form to the presentation of political satire.

Even Chaucer, the father of English poetry based his poem. The Nun’s Priest’s Tale is a fairy tale because in it he had to effect the political satire. Thurber also ridiculed the socio-political problems through a fairy tale in his famous book, ‘Fables of our Time.’

Animal farm a fairy story by George Orwell

Jungle Book authorized by Rudyard Kipling is also one, of the fairy tales. Here also there is the revolution of the political upheavals in the animal fable. The fairy table balances the expression of the real story.

Orwell shows that the animals are the representatives of certain classes. He does not make them individual entities. They are rather types. Benjamin represents the human beings who are intellectuals. He knows the difference between good and bad.

Moses stands for religion. As a raven, he us. usually talks of sugar-candy Mountain which is also symbolic of an unknown owned. Boxer stands for the labor class. Napoleon and his follower pigs are like the modem political leaders.

Animal Farm

All the animals create a sense of humor on the one hand and the element of wit on the other. The readers are always tickled amidst them. The latter wins the former’s sympathy. Orwell’s humor here, however, is not identical with Dickens’s.

Animal Farm as a fairy story
Animal Farm as a fairy story

It is rather of a special brand. So this fairy tale is very interesting for both writer and the reader. It is an enchanting hunting ground. This novel which is subtitled a fairy story is, one of the most outstanding and the most interesting fairy tale in English literature and it impresses us as such. wiki

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