Character of Dr Aziz

Ans. The character of Dr Aziz, Dr Aziz is a leading male character of β€œA passage to India”, written by E.M. Forster, the great novelist, essayist, writer and thinker during the Modern age in English language and literature.

It was Dr Aziz who left a tremendous effect on the fibres of the novel. He appears in situations with full animation and enthusiasm. The delicious tobacco Flavour had set his mind wandering over the magic carpet of Urdu poetry of Ghalib and Iqbal.

He was carried away by the rhythm magic and fragrance of Persian words. The subjects of love, decay of Islam, the vanished glory of Mugal India had attracted his thoughts and imagination.

Character of Dr Aziz
Character of Dr Aziz

There lay an element of the 17th Century cavalier poet within his personality. In his eyes, the mosque seemed to be the symbol of ecstasy, peace and religious devotion. His imagination was kindled by the Islamic theological concept.

Sketch the character of Dr Aziz

Islam had taken a special and magnificent place in his imagination. It was, to him, more than, a battle cry and religion. It had become an attitude of life in which his body and his thought found their home.

He was a doctor of medicine by profession and his hands had worked on scientific lines. His mind harboured the irrational thought DrAziz showed Fielding the photograph of his wife.

Such activity of Dr. Aziz was significant as Islam did not provide such action. The exhibition of photography was in contrast to Muslim custom. His love for Islam was more than his own country, faith, battle-cry.

Character of Dr Aziz
Character of Dr Aziz

He was athletic and strong. His profession fascinated him too much but at times he used to get excited. It was his hand that was scientific. He was an ideal husband but a happy man.

He had deep love with his wife and after her de, at,h he believed that no other woman could suffer but was not stifled. He used to leave his steady lie beneath his mutability. He was provocative by nature.

His expressed views carried impertinent flavour. Dr Aziz belonged to a nation of Islam. He ultimately concluded that it was difficult rather impossible to cultivate friendship with the English people because the English were the rulers.

In his Understanding real friendship was possible only when the Indians and the English were put on an equal footing DDrAziz was an Indian physician who was educated in England.

He was a wiry, witty, half-absurd man, partly a poet, partly a careerist, a widower with three small children. He was desperately anxious to ingratiate himself with his English superior but was also defensive of his licence.

He was conscious of his race and his loyalties artistic triumph. He attained triumph and remained consciously in consents. He should not be regarded merely as the spokesman of Muslim destiny.

Character of Dr Aziz
Character of Dr Aziz

Symbolically, be stood for emotions and the presentation of real India might be viewed in his personality. Dr Aziz left a great impact on the situations of the novel. It was he who left an indelible impact on the whole fibres of the novel.

He was like a cynosure of the novel and the whole situation was encircling around him. The novelist E.M. Forster has sketched his character in a vivid, explicit and consummate manner.

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