Character of James Dillingham 

:- In Character of James Dillingham, James Dillingham is a young, loving, and caring husband he is a young gentleman who has not been able to gain a lot of wealth but his goodness lies in the fact that he is a kind and considerate man who dates his wife he has been under huge financial pressure in recent time and date are indicated through the description. Character of James Dillingham

Character of James Dillingham
Character of James Dillingham

He needs a pair of blocks and cannot effort in over, that description of his smile rented flat also reveals his poor financial condition. The only thing that he feels proud of his rise to watch that he has inherited from his four father then James Dillingham had to part with it, even for all the wealth in this world however his poverty never comes between him and his young and pretty mistress.

Della Dillingham when he comes home in the evening after a long and tiring day Della hugs him lovingly and he is addressed the Love. The character of James Dillingham.


Character sketch of jim in gift of magi

The love lavished on him by his wife speaks of the intense feeling that she nurtures for him.

James Dillingham (Jim) is a wonderful example of an affectionate and sincere husband his sensitivity becomes obvious when the end of the story he feels his wife that he has sold his only prized possession that is his Castrol wristwatch the watch was to be sold to buy the Christmas gift for Della his wife he wants to buy her Jewellers pair of coms that she had seen during a visit to the market but she knew Jim could not effort it so she didn’t ask for it however Jim being highly sensitive knew how much his wife want to have it.

Character of James Dillingham
Character of James Dillingham

The gift of the magi analysis

James Dillingham was quit Keen to give it to her, but he didn’t have the money required for it finally he sold one of the watch which had been in the family 4th generation together he know it was important to place.

His wife with a beautiful gift on the evening of Christmas and what could be better than something that she secretly Desires the sacrifice the precious wrist Watch. Let show how far he can go for his wife, though his only prized possession is gone.

The gift of the magi characters

He proves to be the wishes of the husbands and loves because then cannot be a better way to express love. The character of James Dillingham.

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Character of James Dillingham
Character of James Dillingham

The gift of the magi summary

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