Sketch the Character of Della Dillingham : based on your understanding of the story the gift of Magi

 Character of Della Dillingham 

Character of Della Dillingham.

Ans:- Della Dillingham is the young wife of Mr. James Dillingham. She is happy with her husband despite their poverty. The poor financial condition of the family hardly come between their love and passion for Each Other. Character of Della Dillingham

Character of Della Dillingham

Character of Della Dillingham

Read more from 1st Year (click) Mrs. Della Dillingham never expect anything from her husband expect his love and since her feelings reciprocated by her James, she has no reason to complain, the family lives in a small flat which has high prized possession to be proved of but they both on certain things that they would had to exchange for any things in the world.

Present a character sketch of Della

Mrs. Della Dillingham has long smooth and glistening hair of which any woman can be jealous despite all the jewels that she passes. Mr. James Dillingham has a wristwatch, which he has inherited from his four father and he hates to the past.

With it and every action of Mr. Dillingham, speaks of her intense love for James Dillingham sleeps for him and she can go to any extent to make him happy however the Christmas is around the corner.

She has saved all through the year to buy a beautiful gift for Jim but when she sits to count the money she finds it is not enough for a decent gift. She feels helpless she doesn’t know how to do, her handling with the grocer, and the but-chase has come to nothing.

Give a character sketch of Della

All her effort to save happy prove to be fruitless her eyes are filled with tears they rolled down her cheeks, and suddenly an idea comes to her mind, An Idea which is not very easy for a young and beautiful lady like her to handle at this point.

Character of Della Dillingham

Character of Della Dillingham

We come face to face with a story, women who used the respect of the dates and turns her into who in mortal character in the world of literature she decides to sell the only price persons of which, she has always been exceptionally proud it is her hair, and that is only things that she can sale and arrange the money to buy her Chin, her on Jim a gift on the idea comes to her mind she doesn’t give it a second thought she gets ready.

The gift of the magi summary

she wanted to get it before something could stop her from doing so the long and attractive phrases are cut short and sold out delegates the money and the next 24 hours rain-sec this, of how she was in a dream.

Lastly, she buys a beautiful chain for her Jim and Castro rise to watch it is so beautiful and a perfect gift for Jim, with this on his right he can never be late in coming home on her return to her love Jim. She realizes for the time being what she has done but, she with the thought that she can grow her hair and she has no opinion proves her greatness and denotative. Character of Della Dillingham


Character of Della Dillingham.

Character of Della Dillingham.

The gift of the magi analysis

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