Does Culture Matter

Summary of the essay Does Culture Matter is written by the hands of E. M. Forster is a modem essayist. Here E. M. Forster explains the attitudes of the modem people towards traditional works.

‘Does Culture Matter’? is written by the hands of E. M. Forster is a modem essayist. Here E. M. Forster explains the attitudes of the modern people towards traditional works of art and culture, The word ‘Culture’ covers up the creative works of art in the field of literature, music painting, and architecture.

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Essay On Does Culture Matter

It is through these objects of aesthetic achievement that the value of culture is realized. Culture is handed down from the people of one generation to another the understanding and pleasure of arts.

But Forster is disappointed when he studies the attitude of the modern people towards the artistic objects of tradition. People have become fully different from the tradition. In early times, men remained different from the objects of art.

They were silent and maintained a kind of tolerance in their attitude. But men today are indifferent. They have developed an attitude of ridicule and hostility towards the objects of art. They think the arts superfluous.

The more dangerous is today people are losing. The power of understanding. If this power is lost, the sense of culture will be lost and the objects of culture will sink into Museums. Things will be minister pretend and misrepresented.

Does Culture Matter Summary by Em Forester

E. M. Forster ejaculates this problem seriously. We must spread the meaning and value of culture. We should express our comprehension of objects of art before others. In this connection. We should share our understanding and enjoyment with the other.

Forster gives the example of Reger Fry who is modem Art-critic and professor of fine art. He appreciates Roger Fry for explaining the beauty and importance of objects of art in his writings. He arouses the curiosity of people about the artistic work of tradition.

Does culture matter analysis

This is the message of Forster for the people of the world to share the objects of art. This essay is full of allusions. Forster refers to the writers like Shakespeare Dante, Henry games, Virginia wolf, Roger Fry, S. Lawis, and Mrs. Leavis. He makes allusions to Brandenburg, Sir Richard Terry, Wurlitzer, and Jack Payne in the realm of Music.

Does Culture Matter
Does Culture Matter

He makes allusions to the mosaic architecture of Santa Sophia’s Mosque, painting of Spanish artist Valesquez. Thus, this essay is highly rich and scholarly in allusions and forces us to think seriously about the problem of culture.


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