Short note on Emily Bronte as a poet : Novelist

Emily Bronte as a poet

Emily Bronte as a poet

Ans. Emily Bronte (1818-48) was the leading female novelist of the Victorian age in the English language and literature. She was the younger sister of Charlotte Bronte and is aptly called as the spine of English literature. Emily Bronte as a poet

Emily Bronte as a poet

Emily Bronte as a poet

Emily Bronte as a novelist

Read more from English 1st Year (click) She was a poetess as well as a novelist. She was also recalled as a landscape painter of great power and charm. As a novelist, she is well-known for her masterpiece creation, ‘Wuthering Heights’, In this book, there are many ardent eulogies and almost poetic appreciations in enthusiasm.

It is a work of art, compacted with the wild and elemental creatures. It is a novel of extraordinary power, intense passion, fiery emotion, deep love, strong hate and stormy feelings. It is a novel of terror and revenge and it trills by its lyrical intensity of passion and its emotional exuberance.

Matthew Arnold has rightly observed this novel as elaborate and passionate delineation. All the situations and characters are the carriers of human thoughts and understanding. Emily Bronte as a poet

This novel marks the triumph of goodness and presents the wearing out of evil from the earth. As a matter of fact, in history. of English fiction, this novel is unique for its dark and thunderous atmosphere and powerful fusion of inordinately passionate love and hate.

Emily Bronte wuthering heights

The method adopted by Emile Bronte carries positive and vivid aspects. The methods of depiction produced great suspense and excitement. The story of the novel springs wholly from the conflict of the character of the people.

Wuthering Heights is a great asset to English literature. This book has made Emily Bronte as a prominent figure in the English language and literature. Emily Bronte as a poet


Emily Bronte as a poet

Emily Bronte as a poet

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Emily Bronte

Emily Bronte as a poet

Emily Bronte as a poet

Emily Bronte as a poet

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