The story of the henpecked husband

Tell the story of the henpecked husband, In “The Open Window”, A. G. Gardiner presented the story of a respected husband interestingly. Once he was traveling in a railway compartment.

A husband and his wife were also mornings in the compartment. A gentleman was sitting near the corridor. He was uncomfortable due to the open window. He requested the lady to close it.

But the lady did not do so. Then the gentleman requested the husband of the lady. He said that the cold wind was hitting him directly. The husband understood his difficulties.

How is it sad or amusing

It was his duty to close the window. But he could not do anything against the wish of his wife. The terror of his wife made him forget his duty.

Gardiner remembered a story of a person. Once the person drove with his wife in a country lane, He met a farmer in bis cart. There was no room to pass, The person broke the law of the road. So it was his duty to go back. But the terror of his wife.

The story of The Open Window

Would not allow him to do so. The poor person was in tears between his duty and the terror of his wife. Then the farmer said that he could understand his feelings. He had also a wife like that. So he went back to make room for the person.

Gardiner felt pity for these husbands. He noticed how the gentleman get down and wait for another compartment. Then the lady asked her husband to close the corridor door which was left open. Then she set up to enjoy her triumph.

Summary of The Open Window

Gardiner said that if husbands were forced to live like that, they must be objects of pity. Gardiner’s description is amusing which makes us laugh. We also notice the painful helplessness of the husband.

There was a conflict between duty and terror. The poor henpecked husband was a pitiable creature. So “The Open Window” is more sad than amusing.

Essay henpecked husband

 Tell the story of the henpecked husband
Tell the story of the henpecked husband


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