Essay on Science Humanities and Religion

Essay on Science Humanities and Religion is the text, slightly modified, of a speech Dr. S. Radhakrishnan delivered at Aligarh Muslim University.

He advocated before the students of the university the relevance of religion as well as science, and a humanitarian outlook produced by a study of humanities.

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A university he rightly asserted, was a community of teachers and students who could be engaged in a pursuit of common values, norms, and goals.

Dr. S. Radhakrishnan understood the current emphasis on the study of science and technology that had provided immense facilities to modem men in every country.

But he reminded the students how humanities are also important, humanities provide a clue to nature they give us ideas of our growth, our impulses, and aspirations. Afterward, he drew attention to the need for the study of religion.

Religion explores spirit, it takes it inward and moves our compassion. Religion teaches us to recognize humbly, respectfully that there is a superior being, a Superior Reality of which the universe is an offshoot.

Science Humanities and Religion Summary

Reality is raised above the phenomenal world and Dr. S. Radhakrishnan was quick to point out that true teachers and prophets of every religion have given common directions for the salvation of men and women.

It is the dogmatic people who have created confusion by sowing divisions based upon creed or caste. Again he pointed the role of a university in presenting such an education that could give a sense of balance and direction to its students.

In this connection, he added that everything one does must be done in the background of unity. Civilization has meant advancing from one stage to another. The process in which we are engaged now is the process of attaining unification of the whole world.

Essay on Science Humanities and Religion
Essay on Science Humanities and Religion

Whatever studies we have, whatever learning we possess, whatever skill we acquire, we must take a pledge that we will use them for the betterment of humanity, for the race, for bringing the goal of one world nearer.


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