Essay on Knowledge and Wisdom

Essay on Knowledge and Wisdom, Knowledge and Wisdom’ is an essay written by Bertrand Russell. Russell is an eminent philosopher and mathematician. Here Russell distinguishes knowledge from wisdom. He said that a man of knowledge needs wisdom.


He explains the meaning of Wisdom by giving examples and describes the factors that constitute wisdom. The first thing important is a sense of proportion. Wisdom lies in the capacity to take account of all the factors in a problem and to give due weight to each of them.

Knowledge and Wisdom Summary

The complexity of specialized knowledge makes it difficult to have all-around attention. So knowledge should be supplemented with wisdom. Wisdom is the comprehensiveness of vision. But comprehensiveness alone is not enough to constitute wisdom.

There must be an awareness of the ends of human life. These ends should not be narrow. The comprehensiveness of wisdom includes not only wisdom but also feeling. If a person’s knowledge is wide but the feeling is narrow he lacks wisdom.

Russell thinks wisdom is needed in every sphere of life. It makes a man free from the tyranny of egoism. It inspires a man to make a continual approach to impersonality. It is this approach that constitutes wisdom. Wisdom is more important than knowledge.

Knowledge and Wisdom

Wisdom should be taught. The teaching of wisdom” should be included in the aims of education. Wisdom lies in a better understanding. It is wisdom to love our neighbors like ourselves. The way out is through understanding not through rate.

This kind of understanding is wisdom. The horizon of the thought is wide. Russell compares the teaching of wisdom and moral teaching. He believes larger intellectual element in the teaching of wisdom than in moral teaching.

Specialized knowledge has very little concern with wisdom. So more wisdom is needed in the work of today than what was needed in the past. Russell thinks the modem age is an age of wide development of knowledge.

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There is a craze for research and investigation into various fields of knowledge. In this intellectual background, he rightly suggests that knowledge is not enough for man, he must develop more and more wisdom to fulfill the final aim of human life.

Essay on Knowledge and Wisdom
Essay on Knowledge and Wisdom

Bertrand Russell summary

Thus knowledge and wisdom are a remarkable gifts of the clear exposition of Russell. It shows Russel as a great master of lucid style. His intellect is brilliant and his vision is comprehensive. Maybe an Essay on Knowledge and Wisdom helps you. Don’t forget to give your feedback.

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