Justify the title of George Orwell’s novel Animal Farm

Justify the title of George Orwell’s novel Animal Farm, The title of the novel Animal Farm, tells us of how with a slight progression of the action, Mr. Jones’s Manor farm turns into a farm owned and governed by the animals like pigs, kine, etc, under the stewardship of pigs like Snowball, Squealer, and Napolean.

They sing stimulating and rousing old songs. Song of innocence handed down the ages through their late lamented brilliant leader major.

Snowball erased manor from the top bar of the gate and in its place printed the title Animal Farm. Then on the walls of the farm so named, the seven commandments which are parodies of Jesus Christ’s commandments were inscribed.

Bring out the significance of the title of the fiction Animal Farin

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Revolution against the Manor farm was ignited and effected with a revolutionary purpose as it was declared by the animal leaders. Justify the title of George Orwell’s novel Animal Farm

But the general mass of the animals, that was intellectually weaker saw and felt that their self-rule only was in name and not in operation, that was meant only for the sake of the aggrandizement Of their leaders who took the lion’s shard in the milk of the cows of the farms and the fruits of, its orchards.

No sooner had the anti-Jones movement been built up and the new government installed than a counter-revolution started. Animals, in general, began to be subjected to starvation.

Throw light on the theme of the novel Animal Farm

The antigovernment rebellion.was snowballed while Napolean wanted to perpetuate his new regime by hook or by crook. He declared the ideas and steps of the rebels as contrary to the spirit of animalism.

However, the public was only hoodwinked and blackmailed. A sudden twist was given to one of the seven commandments which now read not as usual “All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others.”

It did not seem strange that the privileged pigs had bought for themselves a wireless and were arranging for themselves to install a telephone. Justify the title of George Orwell’s novel Animal Farm

Animal Farm title

Even dogs enjoyed the privileges. The people hoped to see that Animal farm would be theirs and for them, but it was believed. Its character was in fact, the same as that of Mr. Jones’s government of the Major farm.

It compared even with the neighboring human governments of Pilkington and Frederick. The ultimate result and reality were that the creatures outside looked from pig to man and from man to pig and from pig to man again, were animalized and animals were humanized.

The result was total dehumanization. Animal Farm was renamed the Manor farm, but in spirit, the matter was the same. Thus the idea of animal farms presented allegorically is highly symbolic and suggestive.

It is also reminiscent of the writer’s association with animals during his childhood days. Hence this is the central idea and the ruling them of the novel which the main title (not the sub-title) represents anti reflects.

Hence it is quite apt, appropriate, and significant. Even the sub-title. ‘A Fairy story’ is significant as the story of this fiction reads like a fairy tale, full of fairyland atmosphere.

Justify the title of George Orwell's novel Animal Farm
Justify the title of George Orwell’s novel Animal Farm

The entire story develops and concludes through a set of symbols suggesting eventually the message of a fairy story. “Life is like that-take it or leave it.”

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