Short note on William Wordsworth

Short note on William Wordsworth

Ans. William Wordsworth (1770-1850) was the leading poet during the Romantic period in the English language and literature. He was born at Cockermouth, Cumberland in the lake district on 7th April 1770. Short note on William Wordsworth

Write Short note on William Wordsworth
Write Short note on William Wordsworth

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William Wordsworth began his literary career as a poet at an early age. His noted poetic works An Evening Walk (1793) and Descriptive Sketches (1793) are of a high order. His first fruit of genius was given out in the Lyrical Ballads (1798).

This publication of this monumental work ushered the new era of romanticism in English poetry. The Prelude’ is an autobiographical poem consisting of fourteen parts. Wordsworth remained a true interpreter of nature to humanity The excursion’ runs in nine parts and was published in 1814. It is based on the love of Wordsworth towards nature.

William Wordsworth solitary reaper

Wardsworth published in 1807 two volumes of poems which represent the fine flower of his genius. His remarkable lyrics are “The Solitary Reaper“, “The Greek Linnet“. I wandered lonely as a cloud”.

The other great poems of Wordsworth are “Ode on the Intimations of Immortality” Resolution and Independence’ ‘Ode to Duty‘.”Tintern Abbey (1798), The Sparrow’s Nest( 1801). My heart leaps up’ (1802)”To the cuckoo’ (1804). The Affiliation of Margaret‘ (1804).

Stanza Suggested by a Picture of Peele Castle’ (1805), ‘Character of Happy Warrior’ (1806). ‘Laodamia (1814) and Michael’ (1814). Wordsworth revived the Petrarchian vogue of writing sonnets. The sonnets of Wordsworth are divided into six groups.

Write Short note on William Wordsworth
Write Short note on William Wordsworth

William Wordsworth lines written in early spring

(a) Political Sonnets:– Wordsworth composed sixty-nine sonnets of a political character. Many of this political sonnet were grouped and known as “Poems dedicated to National Independence and Liberty.

(b) Miscellaneous Sonnets:– One hundred and twenty sonnets of miscellaneous character are divided into three parts and in their sonnets, the views of Wordsworth about nature and human society are depicted.

(c) Sonnets on the River Duddon:- Wordsworth composed thirty-four sonnets in this series.

(d) Ecclesiastical Sonnets:– Wordsworth composed one hundred and thirty-two sonnets that deal with church.

(e) Sonnets of Scottish life:- Some sonnets were composed by Wordsworth which were bared on his tour to Scotland. These sonnets deal with Scottish life.

William Wordsworth short poems

(f) There were some other sonnets bared on his tour to Italy (1837)

e.g. The Pine of Monte Maria and Rome. The memorable sonnets of Wordsworth are:-

(i) It is a beauteous evening, calm and free

William Wordsworth the world is too much with us

(ii) The world is too much with us

(iii) Westminster Bridge

(iv) London

(v) To Milton

(vi) Composed by the Seaside

( vii) Extinction of the Venetian Republic

(viii) Scorn, not the sonnet


Write Short note on William Wordsworth
Write Short note on William Wordsworth

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