Fire Hymn

Summary of Fire Hymn Poem essay is a famous poem, composed by Ke ki N Daruwala. In this is poem the poet describes the behavior of fire.

Once the poet with his father of the bank of the river. Through the burning ghat. It was a dark morning the trembling light of the fire frightened the people.

The poet saw half-burnt fingers, half-burnt bones, and body. They proved the immoral behavior of fire. Father showed fingers, bones and told that sometimes the fire forgets to burn the dead body. The poet field and hates the behavior of fire. That is the sin of forget fullness.

After 20 years unfortunately the first issue of the poet died. As the poet was Parsi. As the ‘ The tower of Silence’ was very far. He had to deliver the dead body to the fire.

The poet was sorrowful. Fire said to the poet his behavior of forgiving the started hating it and The poet presents his expression about Fire.

Fire Hymn Poem

Fire Hymn
Fire Hymn

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