The world is too much with us analysis

“The world is too much with us analysis” is a beautiful poem composed by William Wordsworth, the poet of nature par excellence.

Nature was to him a teacher, a guide, a friend, and a philosopher. It was Wordsworth who for the first time introduced nature into English poetry and for his, he is mainly called, “The harbinger of Nature”, the high priest of nature and worshipper of nature.

So, great was his understanding of nature that often she herself seemed to snatch the perform his hand and write for him with her own sheer penetrating power.

Theme the world is too much with us

Here in this given poem, the poet has expressed his utter grief to see the present-day feelings of the people who have turned their faces away from nature. They are really too much interested in money and worldly goods.

The poet pained to note that the civilization of today has made human beings blind to nature and has blunted their sense of beauty. In brief, the poet is pained to see the growing tendency of the people towards materialism and he becomes lost of the appreciation for the blind of Nature.

The world is too much with us by William Wordsworth

Wordsworth is expressing his disgust with the growing materialism of this age. The people are so thoroughly absorbed in worldly affairs that they have lost all touch with nature. Man today is solely occupied with getting and spreading money.

They have no time left for the pursuit of higher and nobler objects. The beauty and mystery of nature fail to evoke any response in their mind. They appear to have sold their souls to the God of wealth in return for worldly success.

Wordsworth is undoubtedly a devoted Christian. But his love for nature is greater than his love for his religion. He finds the world around him engrossed in materialism and thus it is indifferent to nature.

He is incapable of tolerating this state of affairs and such he declares that he will rather accept the worn-out pagan faith, He thinks that pagan he can enjoy the beauties of nature. Like the ancient Greeks, he may get the opportunity of seeing Proteus the God, rising from the sea, and Triton the son of Poseidon and Arrephirty playing on his couch shell.

Wordsworth the world is too much with us

Wordsworth is nothing if not a preacher and as such in this given poem he is seen preaching to us the very normal lesson of not to shut our eyes to the beauty and significance of nature.

The world is too much with us analysis
The world is too much with us analysis

We should always be aware of the fact that too much love for money will crush our finer nature and our higher instinct. In fact, wealth lies in the appreciation of beauty and not in money.

The poetic style of this sonnet is sufficiently elevated. It is written in. conventional Petrarchan from the sonnet. The words and phrases used in this poem are generally spoken by common in their day-to-day life.

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