Write a short note on Virginia Woolf

Ans. Virginia Woolf(1882-1941) was one of the great female writers of both centuries. She was the daughter of the eminent victorian critic and scholar Sir Leslie Stephen. Write a short note on Virginia Woolf

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Write a short note on Virginia Woolf
Write a short note on Virginia Woolf

She occupies an important place for her unique application of a stream of consciousness. The First Novel of significance, published by Virginia Woolf was the voyage out (1915) and it was followed by Night and Day (1919).

Read more from 1st Year (click) In these two Novels, she made subtle study and presentation of the inner lives of man and woman. She brought out her characters like Rachel Vinrace and Katherine Hilbery, Jacob’s room (1922) exhibits a mature approach to life.

It is the first presentation in which the personal vision is explicit, In fact, the flowing nature of consciousness and the reality of life nicely brought out in Jacob’s Room. Mr.

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Dalloway (1925) is an important work of Virginia Woolf.
This novel opens with Mrs. Dalloway, going out to buy flowers for a party and it closes with a depiction of the ratty.

There are descriptions of Daydreams, Memories, and the immediate impression which are beautifully enriched in the characters of this Novel.

To the light House’ is considered the best Novel by Virginia Woolf, this novel is divided into three parts:-

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Write a short note on Virginia Woolf
Write a short note on Virginia Woolf

(i) The windows
(ii) Time passes
(iii) The Light House

The experiences of professor Ramsay and his wife on a holiday are presented graphically. The waves (1931) represents the technique of the flow of consciousness and inner thought in a culminated tone.

It is considered a High water mark of Virginia Woolf’s experimentation. The Novelist suggests in this Novel that parson knows existence a part of the society.

The so-called individual existence is really no more than a facet of the existence of a group. Among all the Novels, Woolf’s this Novel is her most brilliant and original creation.

The years (1937), shows the basic style of the Novelist. ‘Orlando’ carries us towards Elizabethan days. All the Novels of Virginia Woolf carry unique shape and lucid presentation, It was Virginia Woolf who had rejected the conventional conception of the Novel.

She adopted the method of psychological truth and aimed at expressing the reality of life. She laid emphasis, not on the incident.

External description and straight forward narration. But on the presentation of character through the stream of consciousness.

Virginia Woolf

In her Novel, we see the evolution of her vision of life. She takes us to the subconscious and unconscious regions. Virginia Woolf followed the technique of the internal monologue.

There are poetic qualities and a Love of lyricism in her writings. Her works carry a lyrical quality. The Ránge of characters as depicted in Novels is small.

Virginia Woolf was a great lover of beauty and her Novels exhibit her aesthetic delight in the lovely aspects of life. She was also a prose writer of a high order and her prose sparkle with flashes of poetic beauty and charm.


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Write a short note on Virginia Woolf
Write a short note on Virginia Woolf

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