A pinch of Snuff

A pinch of snuff is the story of humor and It is composed by Manohar Malgaonkar.

The author becomes restless when the mother told that Nanu Kaka is coming. The author was restless because he had to face many problems after Nanu kaka coming. Mother was happy because He was her brother. The author went to the station o receive Nanu Kaka, who had come with a kitten without a proper ticket.

He had come to see some minister. Show the author took him to the minister’s places after spending two hours, Nanu kaka could get the appointment after three days. He abused too much.

The author introduces Rati Ram son of Sohan Lal Rati Ram the party book’s in Delhi. Nanu kaka want to meet him. He wants to Sohan Lal by making the author his P.A. after giving a long speech, about Zamindar’s votes.

A pinch of snuff Summary

Weather and Hazrat Barkat Ali the ambassador, he got success to see him. He promised to do the work of Rati Ram by telling Hazarat Barkat Ali. He comes to know that Sohan Lal and the minister are enemies, know who were good friends before this vote.

Nanu Kaka arranged a splendid car buy the help of a washerman.

He made the author, ‘A uniformed driver’s and went to see the minister as an Astrologer. He only got the visitor’s book brought, wrote his name and address “Author’s Address” and Explanation ” Hereditary astrologer to the Maharaja of Ninnore” without any word he got into the car and went back.

At home, after a few minutes, the minister reached the author’s house to see the Nanu Kaka. Nanu kaka got success. The author couldn’t know the purpose of the meeting. He only feard of disclosing the secret of Nanu Kaka.

Pinch of snuff Summary Class 12th

A pinch of Snuff
A pinch of Snuff

What is Snuff

Snuff is a type of Tobacco Powder that is used by foreigners. In India people use only tobacco with Lime, in other words, Khaini-China,  Where snuff is like As Gul, Nowadays Chand -Tara Gul is Popular in India.

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