Our Lady’s Juggler

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Ans. ‘Our Lady’s Juggler’ is a sensitive story, written by Anatole France, a great story writer during the Modern age in English language and literature.

This story is based on the Roman Catholic faith and great faith in miracles. During the days of King Louis, a poor Juggler name Barnabas lived at Compiegne. He used to wander from city to city performing his tricks of skill and prowess. During his fair days, he used to lay down on his worn and aged carpet in the public square.

Our Lady’s Juggler Essay

In his jugglery, he had the capacity to attract a group of children and elders. He could assume the strongest posters and balance a pewter plate on a tip of his nose. He could keep his nose. He couldn’t and head on the ground and throw into the air for catching six copper balls.

He used to perform amazing feats. He presented himself in the form of a perfect wheel and keep his position as a juggler with twelve knives. The spectators used to rain small coins on his carpet for his jugglery. His economic condition was very wretched.

Analysis of Our Lady’s Juggler

He bore all sorts of miseries. In wintertime, he faced excessive calamities but he bore all sorts of trouble in silence. He had a noble heart and deep faith in the Holy Virgin Mary. He use to kneel before the image of the mother of god with deep adoration.

One evening he was marching towards some barn where he might take shelter and go to bed without food. On the way, he came across a monk with the home he got a genial conversation. The monk took pity on his wretched condition of Barnabas and suggested he join a monastery.

Our Lady's Juggler
Our Lady’s Juggler

Short story Our Lady’s Juggler

At this, the juggler became ready to join the monastic life. He came in touch with other monks and was deeply impressed. He found the prior, busy writing books and setting forth according to the rules of scholasticism.

Maurice used to copy treatises and Alexandre used to decorate with delicacy. The Queen of heaven was placed on the throne of Solomon with four lions on guard. Around her head, a Halo was encircled.

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The flying seven doves around Mary were seven gifts of the holy spirits like fear, piety, knowledge, power, judgment, intelligence, and wisdom. The juggler saw Marbode busy in his duties.

It was believed that Mary used to watch the world with kindness. In the monastery, many poets use to compose hymns in honor of the Virgin Mary.

One evening the juggler went before the statue of Mary and began to perform his jugglery to please. Mary with his six copper balls and twelves knives. His activities impressed the prior. In a true sense, the prior Understood is the purity and nobility of the soul. Barnabas got a raise and blessing.

This story is compacted with deep thoughts and ideas. The activities of Barnabas left a great impact. The way of depiction is in direct narration. The words applied are evocative, touchy, and Up-to-mark. The writer has delineated the situations in a vivid, explicit, and consummate manner.


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