Character of Lucetta

Ans:- “A native of the channel Island (Jersey) Lucetta stands for those qualities which the Englishman is apt to associate with France a greater nimbleness of wit, a greater desire to attract, less constancy of purpose cor of affection.” Character of Lucetta

Read more from English 2nd Year (click) She speaks both French and Italian fluently and its, on the whole, quite an accomplished woman. Her first appearance in Casterbridge is mysterious and shrouded in vagueness.

 Character of Lucetta
Character of Lucetta

When Elizabeth goes to visit her mother’s grave, she finds a solitary dark figure in the middle of the graveyard. She is in mourning herself on account of her rich relation’s death. Lucetta is about Elizabeth’s age and stature, but more finally dressed. Character of Lucetta

Lucetta Templeman Character Analysis in the mayor of Casterbridge

Lucetta is a coquette, she is always for thrills and fresh experiences of romance and is very quick in the transplantation of her heart. The sole purpose of which she comes to Casterbridge is to see if there is any possibility of her getting married to Henchard her old lover.

Henchard shows an amount of tardiness is pushing her this object and the meantime Farfrae comes to visit her house in search of Elizabeth.

Lucetta falls in love with the scotch youth at first sight. She is violent in her passion and her only object now is to get Farfrae. She forgets her flighted word to Henchard and his past relation with her.

Lucetta in The Mayor of Casterbridge

This love is intensely selfish and passionate. But her happiness is threatened by the chance of her early love for Henchard, during her Jersey days. being disclosed to Farfrae.

In her desperation, she surrenders herself at the fact of Henchard for the return of her effusive love-letters to him. But the magnanimity of Henchard regards her as too wretched a victim to be avenged upon in this meaningful way.

The letters are returned. But the magnanimity of Henchard regards her as too wretched a victim to be avenged upon in this meaningful way. The letters are returned. But notwithstanding, the mischief has already been done by Jopp and his accomplices of the Mixen Lane.

Character Analysis Lucetta Templeman

She is scandalized in the burlesque display and this results in her ruin. She dies tragically with a frank death bed confession of her youthful follies to Farfrae.

 Character of Lucetta
Character of Lucetta

Despite her light-heartedness, Lucetta is kind-hearted.

She has a sympathetic heart for those who are sad. She is at once attracted to Eliza- beth when she finds her in grief. She cannot see lovers separated. When Farfrae allows two lovers to work together, she happily says. “For my part.” Character of Lucetta

I have resolved that all my servants shall have lovers if they want them.” Even when Henchard was sick, she was highly considerate and sympathetic to him.

Sketch the character of Lucetta

Lucetta is highly fickle-minded. She is a typical girl of voluptuous taste, helpless and hysterical. She is unprincipled and ambitious. She adopts all means- foul or fair – to secure her object.

Having chosen Farfrae as her lover, she at once marries him secretly and sets at naught the promises that she gave to Henchard in her Jersey days.

Her fickle mindedness has made her hysterical, When Henchard threatens her to disclose her fast, she is unnerved. For the solution of this problem. She adopts womanly weapons tears and sufferings to make him promise to return her letters.

All her life she has been a frivolous, giddy headed, smart, witty, and passionate girl. She has no fidelity of love, no moral principles. The character she does not value and has no regard for romance and a round of never-ending pleasures.

But it is curious that in spite of all her follies and foibles, we do not feel any repulsion towards her. We are not inclined to judge her harshly. There is nothing positive and outrageously bad in her. We know her defect but we seem to ignore and overlook them. Character of Lucetta



 Character of Lucetta
Character of Lucetta

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