18th Century drama

18th Century drama

Ans. During the 18th century, only a few remarkable dramatists came out. Oliver Goldsmith and Sheridan were two prominent who enriched dramatic life nature by their literary creations. 18th Century drama

18th Century drama
18th Century drama

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Characteristics of 18th century drama

The pattern of the tragedy was a little different. High emotion, enthusiasm, tragic intensity, and serious experiences were discussed in detail. Addison wrote Cato which remained restraint. The characters are mere mouthpieces.

Thomson wrote Sophonisha. It is the tragedy that placed a sense of freedom and spirit. Young adopted the way of classical tragedy in the play. “Night Thought on Life’, Samul Johnson produced ‘Iren, which is solemn blank verse tragedy.

Aaron Hill and Arthur Murphy also produced classical tragedy. Nicholas Rowe produced The Fair penitent’, and Fane Shore’. Lillo produced dramatic tragedy, London Merchant. Moore’s Gamester is famous as a domestic tragedy in which the characters seemed sentimental and purposeful and written in blank verse.

18th century drama pdf

18th Century drama
18th Century drama

In the 18th century, the drama was characterized by two main qualities. It was written under the influence of France. The style of placement of characters was touchy. During this period, pantomime became popular, Opera.

Its alien style was also cultivated. Gay’s opera and Henry Carey’s The Dragon of Wantley, produced humor and rollicking fun. Many dramatists excelled in writing, Burlesque plays.

Henry Fielding notably wrote, ‘The life and death of Tom Thumb, the great (1713) and ‘pasquin’, (1736). Townley’s ‘Hight Life Below Stairs’. (1759), attracted the common mass. In this book, fun is made both servants and masters and the dialogues are saturated with plenty of funs.

Samuel Foote wrote the author, ‘The Englishman in Paris (1753). The Minor (1760), The Liar (1772), presents points of satirical humor. The Jealous Wife (1761) and The Clandestine Marriage (1766) also make a satire of fashion in society.

18th-century english drama

Cooley Cibber also produced comedies. His two plays, ‘Love’s Last ship, and provoked Husband’, are comedies of a high order. Mrs. Centlivers produced her plays like ‘The Busybody’, and The Gamester’, Richard Steele wrote Lying Lover (1703), Tender Husband, (1705) and The conscious Lovers (1722), Hugh Kelly wrote ‘False Delicacy; and ‘The Married Philosopher.

Richard Cumberland wrote 30 plays. His famous plays are the Brothers, ‘The West Indian’ and The Fashionable Lover’, Thomas Holcroft was a famous playwright of the period.

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Henry Fielding and Oliver Goldsmith also influenced the period. As a matter of act, the plays written during the 18th century failed to produce an indelible effect on the common mass. This period witnessed the decline of degrees in a dramatic presentation.


18th Century drama
18th Century drama

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