The Tess of the D’Urberville Characters

Today We learn and read a short analysis of the characters of The Tess of the D’Urberville Characters. and the ” Novel of Tess”

Ans. The Tess of the D’Urberville Characters “Tess’ is the leading female character in the novel, “Tess’ of the D’Urbervilles’, sketched by Thomas Hardy, the great novelist during the Victorian period in English language and literature.

Her personality was a rare synthesis of the physical beauty of her character. She was noble, self-sacrificing, chaste, generous, and justice-loving. Hardy called her a pure woman and a standard woman.

Angel Clare in her praises called her honest-hearted receptive, intelligent and graceful to a degree, chaste as a Vestal, and exceptionally beautiful. She was high strung impressionable, and poetic. Her soul soared into space when she used to gaze at the night heavens.

Sketch the character of  Tess

In the stretch of her emotions at the sound of Clare’s harp, the whole of the twilight garden grew instinct with harmony and passion.  In fact, she showed perfect nobility of sentiments in her attitudes towards her simple rivals at the farm and her splendid faith in Clare.

Her extreme sensibility of conscience is amazing. Her parents were slip-shod and strict twisted and were given to drinking. Her moral education had been entirely neglected. Her mother did not mind even. if her daughter had sex experience before marriage.

Even then Tess’s nature remained unsullied. Her conscience was sensitive and she considered herself responsible for the death of the horse. She was filled with remorse for the tragedy. She agreed to go to the slops against her better judgment.

Tess of the D’Urbervilles characters

She failed to conceal her past from Clare because she considered it an act of treachery toward him. When they are ejected from their home after the death of John Durbey, She was filled with remorse. Her sense of self-respect did not permit her to apply to Clare’s parents thought she was in urgent need.

She was an ideal sister and an ideal daughter. She was divine in herself sacrificing love for her younger brothers and sister. Her heart ached to see them in need. She was almost a second mother to them.

It was the affection of others that she worked for them and sacrificed her good for their sake. It was only to save them from penury that she went to Tantriesed. They parted with to half of the amount given to her by Clare and placed herself in great fináncial difficulties.

Tess of the D’Urberville analysis

To save them from starvation, she surrendered her bodies to Alec. She considered her body too insignificant to stand in the way of life and comfort. The tragedy of her life was to a very great extent, the consequence of her extreme solicitude for the hungry mouths in the Derby field family.

Equally ideal and self-sacrificing was her love for Angel Clare. She loved him with all the violence of her passionate nature. She had taken a vow of celibacy. She adored Angel Clare and worshipped him as if he were a God. In all her thoughts and deeds, she was faithful and sincere to him.

The Tess of the D’Urberville themes

As a wife, she was not only loving but also trusting and obedient. She did not reproach him or complain of ill-treatment. silently.

She bore all as deserved punishment. She went through a terrible ordeal. She suffered the tortures of hell but her faith in her dear husband did not shake. Even the last phase of her life with Alec was not the consequence of any decay in her morals. Shelly stainless.

The Tess of the D'Urberville Characters
The Tess of the D’Urberville Characters

The character of “Tess’ was compacted with morality. She left a great impact on the situation in the novel. The novelist Thomas Hardy has depicted her character in a vivid, explicit, exalted, and consummate manner.

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