Character sketch of Squealer

Character sketch of Squealer, Squealer is an important character in the novel Animal Farm by George Orwell, one of the best writers of reportage and documentary. He is a small fat with very round cheeks, twinkling eyes, rebel movements, and a shrill voice.

He is a brilliant talker and works as Napoleon’s public relations officer and his propaganda spokesman. He is quite capable of turning black into white. After the battle of the cowshed, Squealer becomes the public relations officer of Animal Farm.

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Attempt a Character sketch of Squealer

He is a telling between Napoleon End the animals on the farm. As he is a mouth organ of Napoleon He always tries to convince the animals about the steps taken by Napoleon. He justifies the expulsion of snowball from Animal Farm.

For this, he takes the help of persuasive arguments. In the beginning, Squealer turns down the proposal of a windmill because it is presented by Snowball. But after the expulsion of Snowball, he supports Napoleon’s changed view.

He also stresses the need for the windmill for the betterment of Animal Farm. He speaks in favor of the windmill so persuasively that the animals agree with him into to. According to, the philosophy of Animalism all animals are equal and they are bound to follow all the seven commandments.

Give the character sketch of Squealer

But by and by Napoleon starts making changes in them with a view to setting his own supremacy. along with other pigs starts sleeping in a bed in the spite of the relation mentioned in the fourth commandments i.e. “No animal shall sleep in a bed. When other animals take it seriously.

Squealer appears before them and convinces them that the “ruling is against the sheets and not against the bed.” He Squealer always presents Napoleon as the father’s image of a leader. He deceives the simple animals because of his extraordinary ability of eloquence.

He quotes strings of imaginary figures to prove that the animals are really happy under the leadership of Napoleon. He justifies the abolition of the song. “Beasts of England the killing of the animals, the taking of alcohol, the wearing of the human dresses, etc.”

Animal Farm Character

Squealer is an opportunist when the battle of the windmill takes place he steals away secretly. But he appears and joins the victory celebration after the battle is over. He draws a portrait of Napolean in white point simple to please him. Character sketch of Squealer

In fact, it is an act of flattery that helps him in leading a happy and comfortable life. He drinks much and becomes so fat with overeating that he can hardly see properly. Squealer is a liar He takes the help of lies to alter the commandments.

Finally, he wipes out all the seven commandments and paints one motto “All animals are equal but some animals are Cowshed upside down and convert Fredrick’s destruction of the windmill into a glorious victory for Animal Farm.

Who is squealer in animal farm

He always presents false data of the improvement in all spheres of life on the farm. The reduction of rations is nothing but an act of readjustment, Similarly, he paints an affecting picture of Boxer’s death.

When Boxer is handed over to a knacker, he tells the animals that Boxer is being sent for medical treatment. To sum up, Squealer represents Joseph Goebbels, Hittle’s minister for propaganda and national lighting.

It is through the character of squealer, the novelist had the need to satiric the persons who believe that the bigger the lie, the more convincing it would sound.

Character sketch of Squealer
Character sketch of Squealer

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