A Definition of a Gentleman

A Definition of a Gentleman is an essay written by John Henry Newman. Newman was one of the greatest writers of the Victorian age.

Through he was a Catholic Christian in his faith, he was a perfect liberal. His essays are clear musical and majestic. In this given essay the writer has given a very clear definition of a gentleman.

His gentleman controversy and strives to put other people at their case. According to the writer, a gentleman is a refined and accurate man. He never thinks of inflicting pain on others. At the same time, he always tries to remove the obstacles which hinder free action.

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He is like an essay chair or a good fair which do their part in dispelling fatigue and cold. He is always ready to do anything for the good and welfare of others. In the same way, he always avoids opinionative differences grudges, or resentment.

He is a true friend to all and enemy to none. This is why the writer says, he is tender towards the fistful (sky), gentle towards distent, and merciful towards the absurd. A gentleman lovės peace and gentleman is a special quality.

He is not proud of his learning and knowledge. He never speaks of himself even in the terms of any retort of others. He does not lend his cars to any slander (false statement) or gossip.

Gentleman essay by John Henry Newman

He always interprets events he smallest matter in such a fine way so that something glorious may be achieved. Similarly, he never thinks of taking in fair advantages.

A gentleman is patient forbearing and resigned on philosophical principles. This is why he accepts both pleasure and sorrow equally. In other words, the sump is to pain because it is inevitable to bereavement.

After all, it is irreparable, and to death, because it is his distilling. Justice, pity, and love are the mottos of life for a gentleman. He never thinks of going against justice even for his own sake. At the same time whether right or wrong, he always expresses his views clearly.

Since he is aware of ‘the weakness of human beings, he never thinks of being a dogmatist or fanatic. A gentleman loves, respects, and follows the doctrines of different religions sincerely.


A Definition of a Gentleman
A Definition of a Gentleman

Though he belongs to a particular sect, he believes in religious toleration. He is aware of the fact that all the religions of the world teach the value of love and sacrifice and that they lift us upward towards the Almighty Father.

The religion in which he has deep faith is the embodiment of those ideas of the sublime, majestic, and beautiful. wiki

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