Humor and irony in Pride of Prejudice

Ans:- The irony is the soul of Jane Austen’s comedy. It pervades every twist of the story of Pride and Prejudice. Jane Austen’s Irony is consummate and all-pervasive. Humor and irony in Pride of Prejudice

In Pride and Prejudice, it is to be seen in her style in almost every character ( with the possible exception of Jane and Bingley ) and the whole story. Verbal irony, the irony of the situation, the irony of character, the irony of life, in short, irony of every kind is to be found in the novel.

Humor and irony in Pride of Prejudice
Humor and irony in Pride of Prejudice

Read more from 2nd Year (click) Every kind of folly and affectation, self – deception, lack of knowledge of oneself, receives ironical treatment. It is ridiculed and exposed to every step.

” Her fiction is steeped in irony both of language and situation. ” Irony is the weapon through which she emphasizes reality and ridicules affectations. Humor and irony in Pride of Prejudice

She is a great mistress of irony; she can use it as a stylistic technique of reversal, or at least transformation Irony runs through the very fabric of Pride and Prejudice.

The setting of the novel is ironic. In the beginning, Darcy is proud and does not consider Jane as good enough ‘ for him even for a dance. Elizabeth is prejudiced and considers him proud and snobbish.

Use of humor and irony in Pride and Prejudice

But ironically enough, as the story proceeds, their attitudes undergo a gradual reversal, and it all ends in their living each other. The irony consists in there not realizing from the very beginning the fact of their love.

Further, Darcy tried to prevent his friend Bingley from marrying Jane because he found the Bennets vulgar and coarse. Humor and irony in Pride of Prejudice

But ironically enough, he ends in falling in love with a member of that very family: Elizabeth had disliked Darcy for his pride, but by the end of the novel she discovers that she has been guilty of priM in her own opinions.

Even the reversal of attitude of Elizabeth towards Darcy maybe ironically linked up with her visit to Pemberley, Wickham is the best example of the irony of character.

He is handsome, graceful, polished, and refined in his manners. But at heart, he is a villain. So does Darcy. He appears proud and snobbish but is essentially noble at heart.

Critically examine Jane Austen’s use of humor and irony in Pride of Prejudice

Things are often not what they seem, and one must beware of forming judgments. The irony is also seen in the character of the two Miss Bingleys who hate the Bennets for being .vulgar, but are themselves in their treatment of Elizabeth Ironical situations abound in the novel.

Collins proposes to Elizabeth just at a moment when her heart is 1Qo full of Wickham, and so is summarily rejected. Miss Bingley teases Elizabeth regarding her fascination for Wickham, and in his reminds Darcy of the near elopement of his sister with him. Humor and irony in Pride of Prejudice

The novelist, says Baker, ” seems to be counting every nail that Miss Bingley, drives n her won coffin in this way. ” The every nail that Miss Bingley, drives in her coffin in this way. ” The every nail that Miss Bingley, drives in her coffin ) in this way.

” The departure of the regiment from Maryton to Brighton is welcomed as this would put an end to the flirtation of Lydia, but it leads to her elopement Thus Jane Austen’s irony is the most potent weapon in her hands in her fight against shams, illusions, affectations, silliness, pride, snobbery, prejudices, etc. Humor and irony in Pride of Prejudice

But her irony is never bitter. It does not wound; she rather amuses by exposing the folly of her characters. Humour ) s an essential ingredient in her irony. She brings out the inconsistencies of character and action by her ironic treatment.

Critically comment on the Use of humor and irony in Pride and Prejudice

Her Trony is Addisonian and not bitter like that of Swift. Jane Austen’s favorite attitude is a humorist. Like a true comedian, her first literary impulse was humorous. The follies, illusions, and self – contradictions of human nature were a joy to her for their own sake.

She would have found little zest in an ideal world so perfectly cured of folly as to be completely deprived of matter for laughter. The’immortal creation of Mr. Collins is the main source of humor in the novel. Humor and irony in Pride of Prejudice

The man is ridiculous but the humor which he produces is quite unconscious. He takes everything seriously, makes other people laugh at his words and deeds. The character of Mrs. Bennet is also a rich source of humor.

She is a gross fool and her husband a fastidious one. The characters of Lady Catherine de Bourgh, Mary, and Lydia have all humor Is qualities. Even Elizabeth is touched with the comic spirit.

She can laugh, if not to be laughed at Apart from these humorous characters, Pride and Prejudice is full of humorous situations as well. The crowning example of such a humorous situation in the novel is the pompous stupidity of Mr. Collins’s proposal to Elizabeth Bennet.

The humor created by Mr. Collins gives a clue to the particular type of Jane Austen’s humor. Her humor is not boisterous like that of Dickens or Fielding. Nor is it bitter like that of swift.

It is delicate and ironical. But her irony is more subtle then is to be found in the writings of Addison. An especial characteristic of her humor is that it pervades the whole novel.

Pride and Prejudice

Now satirical, now ironical now mocking, Now assuming a mock – seriousness, her humor changes forms according to the characters she deals with.

The remarkable qualities of humor are good sense, restraint, and balance.  Humor and irony in Pride of Prejudice


Humor and irony in Pride of Prejudice
Humor and irony in Pride of Prejudice

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