Sweetest love I don’t goe

Sweetest love I don’t goe is a love poem. It is composed by John Donne. Love is going on a long tour. He is believed does not want his going by the fear of his death or his settle somewhere, with someone.

The lover says that he doesn’t hope that he will get better love than her. Death is the one who can die anywhere. So let him go on a tour. The lover says that he will come back fastest than the sun because he has a desire, sense, short way, and more motion. So she shouldn’t fear.

The cover says that before death a man is very weak. He can’t add a single hour to his life. After art and education face it.

Sweetest love I don’t goe Poem

Lover says that when she weeps his blood starts destroying. When she sighed his soul starts to sign. The lover advises that she should not think ill of him otherwise destiny will make it true. One should think of departing just like dream. (Sleep)Thus they make is other alive for each other.

Sweetest love I don't goe
Sweetest love I don’t goe

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