Kubla Khan

Kubla Khan is a Poet that is composed by Samuel Taylor Coleridge. Coleridge is a poet of inspired imagination. When his inspiration runs out. he cannot write anything. After reading many books about travel, he fell asleep one day under the effect of medicines.

He composed a poem in a state of dream. This poem is known as ‘Kubla Khan‘. The poet got up from sleep and began to write the poem.

He was called out by someone and so he could not complete it. The poem remains a fragment. It is a brilliant piece that attracts every reader.

Coleridge tells us that Kubla Khan ordered to build a pleasure dome on the bank of the sacred river Alph. When the dome was built, it was a marvel for it was a sunny pleasure-dome with a cover of ice.

The poet once saw an Abyssinian girl in a vision. She played on her dulcimer and sang about a mountain. If Coleridge could sing like her, he could make his hearers see the pleasure dome of Kubla Khan.

Every hearer would feel that the poet was divinely inspired. All the hearers would go round him thrice and close their eyes out of holy fear.

They would watch his flashing eyes and floating hair and say that he had taken honeydew and drunk the milk of paradise Here we find Coleridge, an ideal poet what he wants to be is a romantic ideal.

Kubla Khan
Kubla Khan

Wordsworth’s poems are empirical because they are based on his experience. But Coleridge depends on inspiration and creative imagination.

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