Neutral Tones

“Neutral Tones” has been taken from Hardy’s collection of Wessex poems’. This has been written in a reminiscent mood. The poet recalls the days of his past when he had fallen in love but his love was not requited with warmth and vigor.

His beloved has cruel and faithless. This disinterested love had been portrayed with the help of very appropriate imagery the sun which is a source of light, hope, and energy has turned white as if it were bloodless.

Neutral Tones poem summary

Leaves have fallen on the ground dead. They have turned grey as if they were lifeless. The love of the poet’s beloved was of the same kind- spiritless and warmthless.

Neutral Tones
Neutral Tones

The poet learned a bitter lesson from his beloved that love was nothing but a deception and an illusion. The poem consists of four stanzas and each stanza consists of four lines having the rhyme scheme of abba in each.

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