She Walks in Beauty Summary

She Walks in Beauty Summary is a poem that is composed by Bord Byron is one of the foremost Romantic poets. He was born in 1788, about 18 years earlier than Wordsworth, and was a close contemporary of Shelly and Keats.

Although Byron upheld the Same romantic ideals of poetry, he specialized in satire. His best-known satires are Don Juan and Vision of Judgement.

He spent an unhappy childhood and had to spend a life of exile from his country on account of some scandals in his private life. He left England after his separation from his wife in April 1816 and lived In. Switzerland and Italy with Shelley till his death in 1824.

She Walks in Beauty analysis

Byron is famous for his verse-satires, but he has written some of the most exquisite love poetry in English. She walks in Beauty is one of the finest love lyrics in the English language.

It was composed and published in 1815 in his volume of poems entitled Hebrew Melodies. The general title of the poem is Stanzas for music’ and the musical clement predominates in the poem.

The poem is a pure love-lyric and can be fully understood and enjoyed without any autobiographical reference at all. However, the poem is believed to have been written in praise of Mrs. Wilmot, a cousin of Byron. The poet is singing the praise of the beloved’s beauty in this love lyric.

Praising his beloved’s beauty in this small and lovely lyric, Byron says that the beauty of his beloved is like that of starry skies on cloudless nights.

She Walks in Beauty theme

The balanced complexion of the beloved has that tender mellowness that even the bright and gaudy day lack. Her beauty has a unique balance. The curb of her jet-black hair gives a fine grace to her face, And the face itself is the dwelling place of serenely sweet thoughts.

She Walks in Beauty Summary
She Walks in Beauty Summary

The soft cheek and the Elam brow of his beloved express their beauty even in their silence. The glowing colors of her smiles show that she is full of goodness. She has a peaceful and innocent soul.

She Walks in Beauty quote

The poem is remarkable for its exquisite imagery and sweet music. The musical element, which is so predominant in the poem as well as the fine imagery, is almost palpable in the following lines-

She walks in beauty like the night Of cloudless climes and starry skies.Bord Byron


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