Paragraph on Pollution

Short Notes on Environmental Pollution and Paragraph On Pollution Essay in English 150 words for Kids

Pollution is the biggest problem not only in India but also in the world. When we make something dirty and make it unable to use is called pollution.

Water, air, and sound population are the biggest problems. We have been making all the sources of water population. We add making our rivers, ponds, and wells polluted by throwing, garbage following the dirty water of the city and from the factory.

We pollute them by bathing, washing clothes making animal baths, and by burning dead bodies. We pollute the air with smoke, by burning coal, and by the smoke of factories and motor cars. Acid rain is coming due to it. It is harmful to land and health and the environment. We should control it to save us.

Pollution Essay In English 150 Words

By loud music of land sound and we making sound pollution. The sound of a motor car’s bomb firing and the machine’s sound is getting polluted. It uses making types of disease. Due to polluted water, many things of diseases are available.
It is necessary that we should control these populations through our activity and wisdom.

Paragraph on Pollution
Paragraph on Pollution

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