Define The Variety and Unity of India

Define The Variety and Unity of India, according to Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru gives his ideas about the diversity in India and the unity that underlies it as follows:

(I) He says that India’s variety is tremendous. It is apparent and hence e- everybody can see it is concerned with certain mental habits and traits. He tells us that there is little common outwardly between the Pathans of the Northwest Frontier Province of United India and the Tamil in the far south. Their racial stock is not the same. Even others have their distinguishing marks.

The Variety and Unity of India by Jawaharlal Nehru

(ii) The Bengalees, the Marathas, the Gujaratis, the Tamils, the Andhras, the Oriyas, The Kashmiris, the Rajputs, and the great central block comprising the Hindustani speaking people have retained their peculiar characteristics for hundreds of years.

However, despite this fact they have even to this day more or less the same virtues and failings, As yet they have been distinctively Indians down the ages. They have a common national legacy. They are endowed with a common set of moral and mental qualities.

Something was living and dynamic about this legacy that displayed all the ways of living and a philosophical attitude to life and its problems.

Disrupt tendencies gave rise at once to an attempt to find a synthesis. Some sort of a dream of unity has been occupying Indian’s minds ever since the dawn of civilization.

That unity was no imposition or the standardization on the internals or even of beliefs, that was something deeper and within its fold, the widest tolerance of belief and custom was practiced. Besides, every sort of, variety was acknowledged and given filip.

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The Variety and Unity of India summary

(iii) Even today in the event of the emergence of nationalism even in the alien lands the Indians have immediately formed groups. Despite their internal differences, they forge unity among themselves. They live together and work together for various reasons.

Define The Variety and Unity of India
Define The Variety and Unity of India

(iv) The writer thinks of the variety and says that whenever he thinks of India, he thinks of many things, for example, broad fields punctuated with countless villages; towns, and cities, the magic of the rains, etc. wiki

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