Sparrows by K A Abbas

Ans. Sparrows by K A Abbas, In ancient literature of the world, there are many stories about the influence of birds and beasts on men and women. Appreciation of the story Sparrows by K. A. Abbas
These creatures are not only pleasant in look, by their tenderness for their offspring they have always evolved noble feelings in man. K.A. Abbas in this touching story writes of a cruel peasant who underwent a transformation after he noticed how a sparrow, the couple who had built a nest in the roof of his cottage cased for its younger ones and lived happily with them.

This peasant is Rahim Khan who in his youth gave promise of an athlete and a wrestler. As a young man he had two desires- to join the team of the circus that he was having a show in his village, secondly, he wished to marry Radha, the daughter of a Hindu grocer of his village, who by her kind looks.

Sparrows K A Abbas story

Seemed to convey her love for him. But his parents were orthodox people who could not permit him to join a circus unit or to marry a girl who belonged to a different religious community.

Rahim Khan had no option but to obey his parents to continue tilling the lands his family-owned and to marry the Muslim girl they selected for him.

Rahim Khan may have forgotten his youthful dreams in due course and would have become a typical peasant and a quiet husband but for provocation as soon as he returned with his heard his father boasting before his mother that no young man could break the yoke of marriage and the attendant responsibilities.

This jesting remark of his father filled Rahim Khan with such angry rebellion that it began to consume him as he an advanced in years, from that moment his wife became the sole target of his anger – he started beating her on every pretext, in fact, beating his wife became a regular habit of Rahim Khan.

In course of time, he had two sons Nuru and Bundu. He did not spare them either — whether they did any mischief or not they were also regularly and violently thrashed by Rahim Khan In a short time after his marriage thus Rahim Khan became the most despised man of the village for his arrogance and cruelty.

He would hit his bullocks, charge at the cattle who ate a handful of grass from his field, and mercilessly beat any child who shouted and played in his vicinity.

Unable to put up with the torture given by Rahim Khan his sons left him.

And one day as he returned from the field, tired and hungry, a neighbor informed him that his wife had also gone away to live with her brother After his sons left him Rahim Khan knew that his wife would also follow suit.

But he had formed no plans to lead an utterly lovely life. Beating his wife had become a mental and physical need – he could not think of getting peace and rest without it.

That evening he felt sad; he prepared no meals for himself, he just is some bread and drank goat’s milk. As he lay down on his cot he started reflecting over his life and he knew why he had become so rebellious The next morning he got up late.

Sparrow Full story by K. A. Abbas

He had no wish to go to the fields. He stayed at home and decided to tidy up things. He noticed a cluster of cobwebs in a corner of the roof. Taking a bamboo pole to which he found pieces of old cloth he started pushing it to the spot when he has tracked a sparrow.

Then he saw that a pair of sparrows had built a nest there and their chicks had just come up. Rahim Khan was amused by the ferocity of the sparrow and touched by its anxious concern for its chicks.

After a long time, he was filled with tenderness for them and decided not to disturb their nest. Slowly, almost imperceptively, Rahim Khan changed in the company of these birds.

He worked hard in the fields, he did not thrash his bullocks or the children. Who played and shouted and he led a lovely life back home. But there was now one pleasure for him to watch the chicks being fed and taken care of by their parents.

In course of time they grew up but still lived in the same nest, Rahim Khan called the two young sparrows Nuru and Bundu after his two sons who had run away from him. One monsoon evening Rahim Khan noticed that rainwater was leaking from a big in the roof and caused much trouble to the birds.

The character of K. A. Abbas in story Sparrow

Without minding his discomfort he worked till late and repaired the leak, I was satisfied to see that the birds were now safe from the rainwater. But he caught a cold at night and developed a high fever.

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As he did not come out of his house for a few days his neighbors peeped through a crack in the door and found him lying on his cot, muttering to himself.

Thinking that he had gone mad they sent for his wife. She returned with her Iwo sons but was shocked to find that Rahim Khan had already died. This story makes an impression by recording the change in the attitude of Rahim Khan.

Sparrows by K A Abbas
Sparrows by K A Abbas

The man was ashamed of his conduct on seeing how the helpless birds cased for their offspring. He now understood that he had not humanly treated his wife and children, he also knew that he was unnecessarily angry with village children and he was unkind to his bullocks.

It was this realization that brought a change in his behavior. Although he did not openly repent nor did he go to bring his wife he had become a different man — selfless and kind, sympathetic and noble. K. A. Abbas brings the cathartic effect of the sparrows with a remarkable eye for detail.

Role of K. A. Abbas in story Sparrow

Rahim Khan notices their courage and their tenderness for one another. He is greatly moved by their gestures and virtually dies in an effort to save them from the angle of bringing out the evil effects of orthodoxy in matters of profession and marriage also the story has great social relevance.

Sparrows by K A Abbas, In ancient literature of the world, there are many stories about the influence of birds and beasts on men and women. Appreciation of the story Sparrows by K. A. Abbas.

 Though nobody can deny the immense role of parents in shaping the lives of the younger people it is unwise to deny them little freedom they hope to exercise as they begin to understand their inward urges.

Abbas adopts the person of an open-minded and straightforward narrator when he writes – ” at that very moment, standing on the threshold of the room where his wife awaited him much as a sheep awaits the butcher, Rahim Khan made a terrible resolve to average himself on his parents, his family, on society. Sparrows by K A Abbas 

He held them all responsible for the frustration of his life’s dreams. The young man who would have been a responsible son, husband, and father turned into a rogue feared by everybody.

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