Summary on Love

Ans:- It has been rightly said that as a religious poet Herbert addresses God directly or writes with the intention being overheard by Him. In love, he goes a step farther and has a face to face conversation with Him. As Lies man has pointed out. Summary on Love

Summary on Love
Summary on Love

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“An important feature of the metaphysical poetry is the element of personal drama”. Very few metaphysical poems have this element of the personal drama in as forth-right’ as this poem has.

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However, in the poem, this element is presented from outside. There is, not the struggle of formatted soul here as we find in the best devotional lyric of George Herbert. Summary on Love

The contrast between divine and human love is taken for granted, so also the depravity of man and all h.s action is taken for granted.

Love summary

It is God who seeks man. Left to himself self man will throw himself into the lap of Satan and this also by his consciousness of sins and lapses A sequence of discussion express the central idea of the poem.

The poem is successfully dramatic. We seem to see the session of discussion between God and the poet. Both sides are considerate.

Essay On Love Summary

The poet does not want to take what he does not deserve God, does not want to withhold love from man which is meant In the third stanza there is an implicit hint at incarnation and crucifixion, It is foolish on the part of the poet to refuse God’s hospitality. Write The Summary on Love.

Summary on Love
Summary on Love

This amounts to the refusal of being saved. Thus God forces at the poet to be a part of God’s grand design of sins and salvation. The poetic style of the poem is characteristically Hibernation.

The rhythms of common speech. The lines are varied in keeping with the nature of the poem that is perpetrated by dialogues. The poem is made of three stanzas of six lines each. Each stanza is quatrain followed by a couplet.

Love Summary by Herbert addresses

The matter of fact tone of the poem gets a superb expression in the last-line. So, I did sit and eat. I hope you enjoyed this Lovely summary of the Poem

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Summary on Love
Summary on Love
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