The Age of Chivalry is gone

Ans:- ‘ The Age of Chivalry is gone ‘ is an article, written by Edmund Burke, the great essayist, thinker, prose writer, and scholar during classical age in English language and literature.

The Age of Chivalry is gone
The Age of Chivalry is gone

It is a shred of Edmund Burke’s famous creation, The Reflections on the Revolution in France’, In this article, the writer has expressed his thoughts, ideas, and realization in a vivid manner.

Read More From 1st Year (click) The writer Edmund Burke had observed the chivalry at close quarters. According to the writer, he had observed the queen of France and felt that there was a delightful vision in and around her. He had seen her above the horizons of the time.

The age of chivalry is gone summary

She had begun to move like the morning star. She had added titles of veneration the enthusiastic, distant, and respectful love. She belonged to a nation of gallant men, a nation of honor.

Even ten thousand swords might. be raised from scabbards to avenge a look that threatened her with insult. The age of chivalry is gone and the age of sophistries, economists, and calculators have succeeded in the eyes of the writer, the glory of Europe was extinguished forever.

The unbrought grace of life., the cheap defense of nations, the nurse of main sentiments and heroic enterprise is gone away. The sensibility of a principle and the chastity of honor have lost its luster’. Trie s): stem of opinion and sentiment had got its origin in the ancient chivalry.

The age of chivalry is gone burke

The Age of Chivalry is gone
The Age of Chivalry is gone

It has also produced a noble equality and handed it down through all the gradients. of social life. It subdued the fierce of pride and power and it had also obliged sovereigns to submit.

The soft collar of social esteem had compelled stem authority to submit to elegance. But all the previous systems have been changed. The pleasing illusions and the obedient liberal are to be dissolved by light and vision.

The superadded ideas furnished from the war drove to moral – imagination and are to be explored as a ridiculous, absurd, and antiquated fashion.

All homage paid to the sex is to be regarded as romance and folly, In fact, regicide, parricide, and sacrilege are-the fiction of superstition and corrupting Jurisprudence after destroying its simplicity.

The barbarous philosophy is the off-spring of cold hearts and muddy understanding of the principles of machine philosophy. The existing institution can never be embottled.

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The existing institution can never be unbolted The Public affections combined with manners are required sometimes as supplements. This article is loaded with social transitions and is compacted with thoughts and ideas.

It also deals with the old feudal and chivalrous spirit of fealty. The way of expression is in direct narration. The writer has expressed his feeling in a vivid, explicit, and consummate manner.


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The Age of Chivalry is gone
The Age of Chivalry is gone

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