The Duty of Society to the Artist

Ans: The Duty of society to the Artist, is an article, written by E.M. Forster the great thinker, reviewer, essayist, prose writer, and seer during the Modern age in the English language and literature. The writer has elaborately discussed the duty of society to the artist in an explicit manner.

The writer feels that society has certain duties towards the artist. If an artist contributes a lot in a loyal and competent manner towards society, it is the duty of society to take care of them. In the modern age, the system of bureaucracy is inevitable.

In the technical age, the advancement of science does not grow under bureaucracy. Science has provided many comforts to society. The merit of an artist is not properly judged by society. Art is a great profession and it gives eternal pleasure to the mind.

The Duty of Society to the Artist
The Duty of Society to the Artist

Essay on The Duty of Society to the Artist

History is compacted with immortal artistic illustrations. The ruins in the desert-like palmyra, an art of Zimbabwe or Ajanta focus great experiments and discoveries made by artists upon the walls.

As a matter of fact, it is the sacred duty of society to encourage art because art imparts education and it also gives recreation tours The Society must be careful towards the needs of the artist and there should be congenial relation between the artist and the state.

Some people do not attach importance to the art and such thought must not be encouraged at any rate. As a matter of fact, seme persons consider expenditure on art as a sheer wastage of money, energy and time and such attitude cannot be said wholesome, In materialistic age, the society has forgotten its duties towards the artists due to growing physical comforts.

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In fact, society should carry its due responsibility towards the art because the artist is also the part and parcel. It is the sacred duty of society to provide the necessity of life to the artist otherwise the intelligence of the artist will be bruised. E. M. Forster feels that there should be a mutual intimate relationship between society and the artist in every aspect of life.

The Duty of Society to the Artist
The Duty of Society to the Artist

The future is uncertain and due to fatal scientific weapons, it is expected that the future will be chaotic. At the critical juncture, the artist can play important role in preventing the world from extinction. For a stable future, the artist should be given due consideration by society.

The government and society must encourage art and education for a bright future. The contribution of the artist is not of less importance in comparison to other sections of the people. Literature should be given due place because it serves a lot in the make-up of the mind.

The Duty of Society to the Artist summary

Society should keep a constant eye on the needs of the artist and it must behave with the artist in a congenial manner. This article is loaded with sensitive thoughts and exalted ideas. The examples are aptly suited in order to elevate the great understanding of the Writer.

Forster seems to be a great propagator of thoughts and ideas. He advocated the great duty of society towards the artists. It is obvious that there should be equal treatment of the society towards the artist and the scientists.

The discrimination between the scientists and the artists cannot be said salubrious for a brighter future. The writer E.M. Forster has depicted the understanding in a vivid manner.

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