The importance of being earnest character : Algernon Summary Analysis

The importance of being earnest character

The importance of being earnest character

Ans. Algernon is the leading male character of the play. ‘The Importance of Being Earnest’, sketched by Oscar Wilde, the great playwright thinker, observer, and scholar during the Victorian Age in English language and literature. He is the cynosure of the play whereas the rest characters revolve around him. He spent thrift and used to lead a fast life in London.

The importance of being earnest character

The importance of being earnest character

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Importance of being earnest character

He cared a fig for expenses. He was informed by his valet Mr. Lane that eight bottles of champagne had been consumed in the party in which Lord Shoreman and Worthing had been invited one night. He was by nature reckless and pleasure seeker. His elder brother Jack called him as profligate, He led his life as an underhand and secret sort of life and quarreled over a cigarette case which had been presented to Earnest John Worthing by Cecily.

His motto in life was to seek pleasure. When Jack arrived at his house and expressed his intention to stay on there till Monday. Algernon welcomed this opportunity to absent himself on a pretense of going to visit Mrs. Bunbury. It was his earnest desire to meet Cecily at her Manor house so that he might woo her.

Sketch the character of Algernon

He was shameless and was adamant not to leave the house even after the order of Jack. Algernon was a romantic lover. He was called by Cecily as a wicked cousin Earnest. He admitted that he was much to be balmed and promised to reform himself, at any rate, He was sincere in his promises and ultimately presented himself as a really good fellow.

Cecily had great admiration for him and hoped to convert him into a very good person. She had purchased even a wedding ring in his name and had also purchased a bangle with a lover’s knot for his sake, Algenon confessed that he was not at all vicious by nature, on the other hand, he had been leading a double life pretending to be wicked and being good.

Importance of being earnest character analysis

As a lover he was ideal and was ready to take any sort of gauntlet for her sake, Cecily had resented the love letters of Algernon and her replies to his letters, At this, Algernon showed his complete ignorance. He was perplexed t this. He discovered Cecily as a real heroine of the romantic type. He asserted that his entire happiness depended on the acceptance of his shortcomings.

The importance of being earnest character

The importance of being earnest character

He felt that in the future, he would reform his life and find in her the guiding star of his life. He had a strong love for music. At the inception of the play. Algernon was seen, playing on his piano. He was in true sense a master musician. In the eye of Cecily, he was very fond of making false pretexts. Even the rejected the invitation of Lady Bracknell, He was also a man of pugnacious nature.

He made a fuss even for the cigarette case, He was also a cunning fellow, He introduced himself as earnest worthing in the house of Cecily. He was morally weak and of wavering nature. Algernon was, in fact, a liar, cunning, morally weak, clever at games and amorous, He wanted to marry Cecily mainly for her wealth.

The importance of being earnest summary

He leaves an indelible impact on the situations of the play. The playwright Oscar Wilde has sketched his character in a vivid, explicit, exalted and consummate manner.

The importance of being earnest characters


The importance of being earnest character

The importance of being earnest character

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