The Literary Heritage Explanation

Hey buddy here you can see and learn about The Literary Heritage Explanation with suitable and Your Understandable Language.  Basically The literary of Heritage is a Collection of Books of Short Story.

I have many beautiful flowers

“I have many beautiful flowers “, he said, ” but the children are the most beautiful flowers of all “.

( The selfish Gaint )

Expl. In these lines from The Selfish Gaint (Read here) Oscar wide records a quiet transformation in the giant who formerly dresses not allow children to enter this garden. He saw them as a nuisance in their parks and sports as sheer disturbance and he also feared that by their free movement. They would damage the beauty of his garden.

But after the children left on his order, the garden shed away its loveliness The flowers refused to blossom and the birds stopped visiting the withered treas. It continued so for a couple of seasons till a child who climbed into the branches of a tree made the spring season follow him.

All at once the frost vanished, buds appeared and trees were laden with blossoms. The scene brought a painful realization of his mistake to the giant Flowers blossom not from the authority of the master. They need an atmosphere of love.

Children who used to visit the garden in the giant’s absence created this very atmosphere that sustained its loveliness and cheer fullness. In these lines, the giant is only asserting his belief in a very common fact that children are treated as flowers: and to shut the doors of the garden was denying the flowers the climate in which they grow. Now they truly realize that the children are the most beautiful flowers.

Religion as I saw it practiced and accepted

Religion as I saw it practiced and accepted even by thinking minds, whether it was Hinduism or Islam or Buddhism or Christianity, did not attract me. It seemed to be closely associated with superstitions practices and dogmatic beliefs, and behind it lay a method of approach to life’s problems which was certainly not that of science.

These lines are taken from Life’s philosophy. (Read Here)

Expl. It is quite a characteristic of Pt. Nehru expresses his ideas on all subjects honestly and frankly. In this part of his essay which he wrote at the request of an American publisher he writes very confidently on his ideas of religion a subject which is quite sensitive in all parts of the world, of course, he confines himself to the practice of religion in India only.

But he refers not only to Hinduism but also to Islam, Buddhism, and Christianity. He says that the practice of the religion of, different schools in India did not impress him as he found even rational people adopting ideas and beliefs more as a matter of dogma and superstition than of sincere understanding and practicality.

the western influence; particularly of scientific reasoning, is obvious here but it can be said in defense of Pt. Nehru that he belongs to that educated elite of the world who cannot accept anything contrary to the principles of science. Pt. Nehru’s views may appear to be shocking, but they are consistent with his political thinking and the social policies that he sponsored.

Oh Dada I pray you

Oh, Dada, I pray you, don’t give me anything, don’t in any way trouble about me.

These lines are taken from The Postmaster, Read the full summary (Click)

Expl. The appeal of Rabindranath Tagore‘s stories or novels lies in one fact all the characters from the sophisticated ones to the poor and the illiterate have been painted by him in such a realistic fashion that their mind and heart stand fully revealed.

In this particular emotional request of Ratan, the village girl of Ulapur is revealed the true assessment of her situation in a very poignant fashion.

After the postmaster tells her that it was quite illogical of there to think that she belonged in any way to him or his family is dawns clearly upon the poor child that her selfless service and care of every single need of the postmaster has been queen worthless, In a world where relationships are ties of blood or of social status a poor person’s service is taken for granted.

To the offer of money for her future needs therefore Ratan makes a categorically negative reply the postmaster does not understand the real state of mind of the child; he has taken it as a thing of the caprice of want of practically. But Ratan’s scale of values is quite different.

Once she has perceived that the postmaster attached no importance to her she immediately distances herself. And truly speaking, a poor person cares more for self-respect than for monetary gains and losses.

When we meet on common ground

When we meet on common ground, however, and indulge in a give and take of experiences that we have all shared, there is no drooping of spirits.

These lines are taken from On being a bore Read Essay (click)

Expl. It is very interesting to observe the way writers of personal essays make a significant comment on everyday human behavior in course of a discussion of a seemingly unimportant topic.

Robert Lynd in this essay on boredom and different kinds of bores suggests here what makes a conversation interesting. Conversation means an exchange of opinions, views, and observations.

It becomes boring when there is a one-sided performance. When a man, suffering from self-importance or sheer, ignorance, goes on speaking without paying heed to the listener’s interest and comprehension it can only arouse a feeling of boredom.

The listener loses all interesting topics though it may be important on the other hand, once the speaker allows the listener to engage actively in the discussion it is neither boring nor monotonous. Both the speakers then have an opportunity of sharing ideas and experiences.

The conversation starts not from the need for self-expression, but also from the purpose of a gentle person. A man wishes to seek the endorsement of his vies and he should also be prepared to learn from the experience of others.

This can happen when both the partners for conversation allow each other to express themselves freely, but by turns so that neither is reduced to a state of passive listening.

The Literary Heritage Explanation
The Literary Heritage Explanation

The Literary Heritage meaning

There are, of course, some people who are bored by almost any conversation. They are bored if you talk shop. They are bored if you talk golf they are bored if you talk politics.

These lines are taken from On being a bore Read Essay (click)

Expl. These are the introductory remarks of Roberts Lynd’s essay in which he speaks of people who are bored by all conversation. The author rightly says that these people cannot be satisfied with any topic ordinary trivial talk they are likely to present, but an ever-interesting topic such as golf and politics the subjects so favorite with Englishmen is also distasteful to them. In such a case conversation is quite painful.

Robert Lynd does not try to analyze the reasons behind such disinterest. But it is easy to see that such people lack intelligence as well as a spirit of friendliness. Their lack of intelligence accounts for their lack of awareness of current developments, and it is chiefly the lack of friendliness that obstructs their response to the other’s talk. The literary Heritage Explanaion

They are selfish and conceited people for whom nothing has any appeal. It is, therefore, an ordeal to carry on a conversation with them while others bore you with their unintelligent trains of ideas on sundry topics there people are so boring that any effort to maintain and exchange meets failure, and you are left with a feeling of frustration. Robert Lynd has pointedly identified such persons.

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