The Postmaster Summary

The Postmaster Summary by Rabindranath Tagore has written a number of stories in which he has probed the sentiments of children and young persons.

In this story, he draws portraits of a Calcutta young man who is sent to a remote village, Ulapur, as a postmaster, and of a girl, Ratan, who works as his maid-servant.

The postmaster leads a very lonely life in the village only in the evenings he spent some time talking to Rantan about his parents, brother, and sister.

Critical appreciation of The Postmaster

Ratan who was orphaned at an early age also talked to him about her parents and brother. To relieve himself of his loneliness the postmaster decided to teach Ratan. Very soon Ratan learned the Bengali alphabet. She liked to read and made quick progress because of her interest.

But her education was interrupted when the postmaster, unable to withstand the cold climate of Ulapur, fell seriously ill after rains. In that state of illness, Ratan took every care of him. After he recovered from illness the postmaster decided to leave Udaipur.

He applied for transfer: but made up his mind ever not resing in case his application was rejected. Ratan waited for the resumption of his lessons: but in the gloom of the evening, the postmaster brooded over his future.

Essay of The Postmaster

One evening he announced that the next morning he would be leaving for Calcutta as his petition for transfer had been granted. Ratan quickly finished all her work.

When the postmaster sat down for a meal in the night she gently asked if he could take her also with him. the postmaster said that it was an absurd proposal. He said this almost unconsciously disregardful of the great serious Ratan had done to him.

Ratan made no further inquiries. In the morning the postmaster tried to give Ratna Some money that could provide for till she got a new job.

The Postmaster

The Postmaster Summary
The Postmaster Summary

But the poor girl remained inconsolable and refused to take any money. The postmaster left in a boat with all his belongings.

The Postmaster by Rabindranath Tagore

He was also sad about this separation. As he was educated’ he Knew that separations are a fact of life death being the final separation from the world.

No such philosophical thought entered Ratna’s mind. She only kept on moving around the post office as if she had lost a valuable treasure.

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