The Stolen Cigar Case

Here we, Write a critical note on the important aspects. of the short story, The Stolen Cigar Case prescribed for you.

Ans. The Stolen Cigar Case is a story. written by Francis Bret Harte, the great story-writer, thinker, psychologist, and detective writer and seer of America in English Language and Literature.

It is compacted with detective situations, psychological treatment, and subtle understanding. It is the depiction of the writer’s personal experiences with a famous detective, Hemlock Jones with whom he had deep intimacy and high respect.

The thoughts, understanding, realization, and feelings of Hemlock Jones had left an indelible effect on the innermost recesses of his heart. The writer used to pass his time in the association with Hemlock Jones and was highly impressed with his activities.

The stolen Cigar case Summary

In The Stolen Cigar Case, Hemlock Jones used to create awkwardness for the writer but she cared a fig for it. Once the writer had gone to see Hemlock Jones where he found him sitting thoughtfully before the fire and was rapt in solving some tangles.

The writer gently touched the feet in the l manner and caressed him but he got no heed from Hemlock Jones. After a pause, Hemlock looked at the waiter and asked about the rain, after seeing his umbrella wet and drop and some drops of water on his over-coat.

Analysis of Bret hare stolen Cigar Case

He further argued that there was the sputtering sound of rain, falling on the window. During the conversation, Hemlock expressed his feeling to the writer that he could not be duped by anyone in his life. The writer asked for the tangles from him and he got no due response to these queries.

He told him that prince Kupoli had visited him to get advice regarding the disappearances of certain rubies from the Kremlin and the Rajah of Pootibyd bad sought his assistance to recover his missing jeweled sword.

Stolen Cigar Case Analysis

The Grand Dutchess, Pretzel Braunts-wing was desirous of discovering the place where her husband has passed his time on the night of February 14. Hemlock added that a lodger was eager to know the cause behind his unresponsive even after ringing the bell last night.

The writer did not show any interest in the cause of the murder of the lady, done by her husband Paul Ferroll, and the happening with Jones. During the conversation, Hemlock Jones had told the writer that he was duped and a Crime had been committed in his house which startled the writer.

He told him that he was well known with his all schemes and had accepted his confidence, admired his inductions and inferences and had placed at his back and called Hemlock and wanted to place a Cigar to the writer which was not accepted.

The Writer politely told him that he had already given up smoking Hemlock Jones further narrated that cigar case presented to him by the Turkish ambassador for discovering the missing favorite of the grand Vizier was missing from his house.

Bret Harte the stolen Case

The cigar case was encrusted with diamonds. The writer was asked to find out the reason for larceny and to detect the culprit, The writer suggested he advertise the occurrence in the newspapers and should offer rewards and distribute hand-bills.

He further advised him to visit the pawnbroker, notify the police, examine the servants, and search the house thoroughly and to his pocket. The Stolen Cigar Case

The writer was left alone in the room for some time and he was glancing at the shelf. Meanwhile, a stranger came inside the room with a sidling motion and gazed at the writer.

The Stolen Cigar Case
The Stolen Cigar Case

Hemlock Jones was suspected of the writer after seeing brown skin hair on the inner side of his forearm. The writer was innocent and as soon as he opened the drawer, he found a hindrance in opening it and that hindrance was the very Cigar case.

Hemlock Jones had made suspicion on the writer with no cause. He was highly astounded to know the way of thoughts of Hemlock Jones.

This story is pregnant with intense thoughts and keen ideas. The way of expression is in direct narration. The words applied are aptly suited. The writer had expressed the situation in an explicit, vivid, elaborate, and consummate manner.


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