The story of The Alligator and the Jackal

In the story of The Alligator and the Jackal, There are a couple of animal characters in this folk tale. In this fable, the writer gives a vivid account and a graphic picture of the fierce struggle between the two animals.

These two animals are the little jackal and an Alligator. The Jackal is portrayed as an innocent and harmless creature while the Alligator is a violent and bloody one.

The little jackal was fond of eating the shellfish. He once put his paw underwater to catch the crab. The Alligator was also there. The Jackal, instead of catching the crab, was himself caught by the Alligator.

The Jackal was, however, very wise and clever while the Alligator was a stupid fool. So, the Jackal beat his enemy by playing a trick upon him and got rid of him.

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The Alligator learned that he was being fooled. So, he made other attempts to net him and put an end to his life. However, the jackal then went down the river to catch hold of the crab. This time also The Alligator chased him. He posed to be and acted as a crab himself.

But again the Jackal caught him red-handed and the Alligator’s game was foiled. Then the Jackal moved into a garden for figs. But his enemy again made him not chase. There he collected and piled up figs and hide amidst it. The Jackal, however, was detected on time.

Little Jackal and Alligator story

At last, the Jackal came back to his home. But the Alligator was still after him. He crept into his house scratching its floor and breaking its door. He was hiding inside. But the damage caused in the house gave a clue to his plot. The Jackal detected the plot again and escaped.

Thus again and again the Alligator tried relentlessly to catch the Jackal and kill him. But all the time his attempts bore no fruit. Rather this irritated his opponent too much. At last, the Jackal resolved and burnt Alligator to death in his own house.

The Jackal

Thus the moral lesson available through this story is implicit. This teaches us that truth ultimately triumphs.

The story of The Alligator and the Jackal
The story of The Alligator and the Jackal

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