Contrast between the Jackal and the Alligator

Ans. In the story “The Alligator and the Jackal”, there are two animals. The jackal stands for the good force while the Alligator for an evil force.

The Jackal is very wise and prudent. He is the embodiment and symbol of wisdom and prudence. He never fails and falls in his life. The Alligator, on the other hand, is so hostile to him. He makes many attempts to the net and nabs him with all seriousness.

But he is so ill-intentioned and stupid that all the time he is exposed, fooled, and beaten. He makes an unprovoked, attempt at the Jackal when he puts his paw into the water to catch the crab. The second time he pretends to be a crab and wants to clutch and kill him.

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The alligator and the jackal critical appreciation

But again he is caught red-handed and his wicked plan fails. The third time he creeps into a garden in which the Jackal attempts to find figs to quench his hunger. He collects and piles the fruits up and is ambushed under the pile to kill the Jackal secretly.

The alligator and the jackal summary

But this time also the intelligent and Jackal does not let his plot go undetected. May, the Alligator is such a daredevil that he even creeps into the Jackal’s house, damages it, and is up to murder him in cold blood in his house itself.

But brutality and stupidity rebound. The Alligator has them. They are the rice that becomes instruments to kill him and he is paid in his coins. The Jackal is always just. He is always innocent.

Contrast between the Jackal and the Alligator
Contrast between the Jackal and the Alligator



He is always on the defensive. But he is at last too irritated and bullied to pardon him. Through him then the right and justice prevail. Ultimately he has the upper hand and the victory goes to him.

Saurabh Nissa

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