The variety and unity of India

“The variety arid unity of India’ is a short essay, taken from Nehru’s The Discovery of India. It is a queer blend of autobiography, political thought, and history.

Here Nehru deals with the variety and unity of the people, culture, and tradition of India. He concludes that there is unity in diversity. In India, there is diversity in religion. Religion like Islam, Christianity, and Jewish are non-Indians.

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Summary of the variety and unity of India

They have come from other countries. But now they have become part and parcel of Indian life. With a tone of confidence, Nehru said that there is a basic unity among Indians thought they saw different from one another what is common among them is a national heritage and the set of moral and mental qualities.

There is an impress of India on them. Nehru deems that the unity of India is something deeper because it is based on the wide tolerance of beliefs and customs. It is based on the acceptance and encouragement of variety. In the early time.

Summarise variety and unity

Indians had a philosophical and detached attitude toward life. It severals that something was living and dynamic about Indian heritage. There is diversity in India that India is a world itself. It is vast. Its culture and civilization are rich. Nehru was a multiplex man.

His multiplex personality is reflected in his writings. His essay is simple but profound and philosophical. He has clarity of thought and precision of expression.

Variety and unity Essay

The variety arid unity of India
The variety arid unity of India

He is moved by sentiments. His essay The variety and unity of India’ thus shows Nehru’s researches into India’s life and history in the light of the Indian struggle for independence.

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