Write a short note on Georgian Poetry Essay

Write a short note on Georgian Poetry Essay

Ans. Georgian poetry covers the period from 1910 to 1935. The prominent poets during this period were Sir Edward Marsh Laceless Abercrombie, Gordon Bottomley, Rupert Brooke, G.K. Chesterton, W.H. Davies, Water de la Mare, Write a short note on Georgian Poetry Essay

Write a short note on Georgian Poetry Essay
Write a short note on Georgian Poetry Essay

John Drinkwater, James Elroy Flicker, W.W. Gibson, D. H. Lawrence, John Masefield, Harold Monro, T. Sturge Oore, Ronald Ross, W. J. Turner, J.C. Squire, Siegfried Sassoon, J. Rosenberg, Robert Nicholas Robert Graves, John Freeman, Maurice Baring, Edwards Shanks, Edmund Blunden, and Mortin Armstrong.

Georgian poetry in English literature

The Georgian had placed a positive aim, explicit expression, and beauty in experience, In their treatment of nature and social life, they discarded the use of archaic diction. They dropped all gorgeous and grandiloquent expressions and avoided pomposities of thoughts, They also avoided such subjects which smacked sadness, wickedness, and cafe-table.

They were neither imperialistic and ran theistic. Their subjects were nature, love, leisure, old age, childhood, animals and unemotional objects, The Georgian poets wrote extremely neat and melodious poems about sheep, bulls and domestic as well as wild animals. They also celebrated the charm of various localities in the British Isles.

Georgian poetry summary

Write a short note on Georgian Poetry Essay
Write a short note on Georgian Poetry Essay

They longed for the good old days and ways. John Masefield (1879-1967) was one of the prominent Georgian poets. His early poetry was marked with a note of action and adventure and characterized by Chaucerian Georginan breadth of humanity.

“Saltwater Balleds (1920), Ballads and poems (1910), “The Everlasting Mercy (191I), ‘The window in the Bye-Street (1912), The Daffodil Fields (1913), ‘Lolling Down (1917), Rynard The Fox (1919), Right Royal (1920), Mid-Summer Night (1928), Collected poems (1932) End and beginning (1934),

“and, ‘Wondering (1943), are his prominent works Masefield is the poet of people and his poetry is surcharged with democratic sympathy for the downtrodden and the misery suffering people, There exists sadness in love poetry of Masefield.

His philosophic thoughts towards Pantheism run thought his poetry. Water de la mare stands on a high pedestal among the distinguished poets of the Georgian poets, His famous poetic works are- The listener and other Poems (1912),’ ‘Peacock Pie (1913), The Fellating and other poems (1933),’Collected poems (1912-1918), ‘Poem for Children (1930)’, ‘Bells and grass (1941),’ The Burning glass and other Poems (1945).

The Traveller (1946),’ In his poetry the note of fantasy dreaminess weirdness, cadence, and subtlety of rhythm are found in exuberance. Edmund Blunden was primarily a pastoral poet and his important poetic works are English poems (1925), Poems (1930-40), The face of England (1932), English villages (1941), Shells by a stream (1944), Cricket country (1944) and After the Bombay (1948).

Georgian poetry examples

Lascelles Abercrombie (1881-1938) was one of the leading contributors to Georgian poetry. He expressed his thoughts in compressed and angular blank verse. James Elroy Flecker (1884-1915) was enthralled by the exotic novelty and illusive romanticism of the east. Write a short note on Georgian Poetry Essay

His important poetic compositions are – The Bridges of Fire (1907), The Last Generation (1908), Forty-two poems (1911), The Golden Journey (1913), The old ships (1915), The Burial of England, God save phrases and presented gem-like verses. Relph Hodgson (1871-1962) compared poems in a visual and consummate manner.

His important poetic works are- The bull (1913), Eve and other poems (1913), The songs of Honour (1913) and poems (1917). N. W. Gibson (1878-1962) contributed a lot and was considered as one of the leading Georgian poets, His famous poems are-The golden Helm (1903), The Note of Love (1905), Stone-ficlds (1907), Daily Bread (1910), Fires (1912), Thoroughfares (1914), Borderland Battle (1915) Likelihood (1917). Write a short note on Georgian Poetry Essay

Home and Neighbors (1920), I heard a sailor (1925), The Golden Broom (1928) and Hazards (I930). W.H. Davies (1879-1940) wrote The Soul’s Destroyer and other poems (1905), New Poems (1907), collected poems (1916, 1921, 1934) and Love Poems (1935), Davies is essentially a poet of lyricism and his lyrics are short and spontaneous.

John Drinkwater (1882-1937) wrote Men and Hour (1911), Poems of Love and Earth (1912) and others. Alfred Noyes (1880-1958) was a distinguished poet of the Georgian School. His important poetic works are-Tales of Normal Tavern and Drake, Harold Munro (1879-1932) wrote famous poems like Real Property (1922) and The Earth for Sale (1928).

Write an essay on Georgian poetry

G. K. Chesterton (1874-1934) wrote The wild knight and other pomes (1900), The balled of White Horse (1911), Wine, Water and song (1915), Poems (1915), The Ballad of Barbara and Collected Poems (1933), Hillarie Belloc (1870-1953) wróte The South Country and Cautionary Tales for Children.


Write a short note on Georgian Poetry Essay
Write a short note on Georgian Poetry Essay

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