All the world’s a stage

All the World’s a Stage, Life is no less a chimaera than the man himself who lives it, Poets, philosophers as painters and artists bring themselves close to it (life) but no two persons, except the followers, have totally agreed in their perception of life.

In fact, each person receives it in colour, each has put in his glass. As such, literature has become the storehouse of various perceptions of life. In the poem “.

All the World’s a Stage” we find the perception of Jaques a cynical character of Shakespeare’s. As you like it. The elder duke reflects on miseries prevailing in the world.

The vast stage of the world is so full of it that to talk of individual pain and suffering is mere nonsense. Jaques, an embittered soul, catches up the metaphor World’s a Stage’ and he expands it.

True, the world is a stage. Men and women are like actors on this stage. They come and go. While on stage they keep on changing their roles. Jaques, but in fact Shakespeare, subdivides human life into seven stages.

First comes infancy when the infant cries in the lap of the nurse. the file depends on her for the fulfilment of all his needs. At this stage. he is nothing but a lump of flesh.

All the world’s a stage Shakespeare

The second stage is that of childhood. When he is made to go to school reluctantly. Then comes the third stage when the reluctant schoolboy has grown up to make love to young girls and thereafter “keep groaning like the furnace in love.

Youth casts him in the role of soldier, jealous in honour, sudden and quick in quarrel, Seeking the bubble reputation.

But this as well not stays on long It is followed by yet another stage. when one puts flesh on his body and tries to project oneself wise and precise He wears stern look and speaks the terse language. But all these lead him to a stage where he is made to stand in stupidity.

He loses strength, he is shorn of his show, his voice grows feeble and his wisdom falls apart him. It is the age when he returns to his second childhood and waits there for death to overshadow him. As the poet rightly says, he is at this stage sans teeth, sus eyes, sans taste, sans everything.

The point is whether this is the view of the life of Shakespeare of o Jaques We know that Shakespeare has the width of vision and he cannot submit to the negative approach in fife.

The whole poem is the negation of all that is bost and enviable in life True, old age sings the requiem of childhood and youth as we find in Keats similar poem The Human Seasons but that does not fob the poem of colour, warmth, passion and emotion.

All the world’s a stage quote


“All The world’s a Stage” seems to lack in all these graces of poetry Sa it cannot be Shakespeare’s viewpoint. It is out and out that of Jaques. Shakespeare as a dramatist knows his limits.

He cannot transcend the vision of his dramatic characters. We have, therefore, less of Shakespeare and more of cynical Jaques in it.

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