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Color Font and Background Adding color Text in C

Adding color Text in C In this article, we learn how to Display color font in the C programming language, without using getcolor() Function, Adding color Text in C like Opaque Text Color. Text Color In C #include<stdio.h> // back ground colours #define bgBlack “\e[40m” #define bgRed “\e[41m” #define bgGreen “\e[42m” #define bgYellow “\e[43m” #define

Learn Print Rectangle Pattern in C Programming

Pattern in C programming  Hello, guys today we learn about user-inputted Pattern in C programming (User input the value of ROW and COLUMN) Using Nested loop. And get output with the explanation. C program to print rectangle pattern /* C program to print hollow rectangle star pattern */ #include <stdio.h> int main() { int i,

Stack program in CPP using Class and Array

Stack Program in CPP A stack is like a standard C++ container adapter, It designed to be used in a LIFO (Last in First Out) context. That is implemented with an interface. Let’s learn through an example of the Stack program in CPP Stack code in CPP //A simple stack example: push, empty, pop and top   
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