Characteristics of good program


Every computer required appropriate instruction set on the required task, the quality of the processing depends upon the given instruction. If the instruction are improper or incorrect then, it is obvious that the result we also be superfluous provided to the computer so that, if we can fulfill.  It’s due is appropriately Hence a program should be developed in such a way that it is your proper functionality of the computer.c.


“Following are the some characteristics feature of the good program:-“

Portability:- Portability refers to an application to run on different platform, which or without minimum changes. If the program is developed for a particular platform then the like Span  of the program is severely affected.

Readability:-The programmer should be written in with more user friendly approach or in such a way that it makes other programmer user follow the logic of the program without much efforts. If the programmer is written structurally, it helps the programmer to follow their own program in a better way . in Characteristics of good program.

Efficiency:-Live program at required certain processing time and memory to process the instruction and data a program should be let out in such a manner, that it utilized the least amount of memory and processing time.

Structural:-If a program is developed structurally the program not only become more readable but the testing and the documentation process also get easier.

Flexibility:-A program is flexible enough to handle most of the changes without having the rewrite the entire program, most of the program is depend for certain period and their required modification from time to time .

Generality:-A part from flexibility of the program should also be general. By Generality we mean that, if a program is developed for a particular task, then it should also be used for all similar task of the same domain.

Documentation:-Documentation is one of the most important component of an application development, even if a program is developed following the best programming packages it will be rendered useless if the and user is not able to fully utilize the functionality of the application level documentation application is also used for programmer because even on the options of the author other programmer can understand, that is Characteristics of good program.



Documentation is an integral part of the program development process. The programming process is incomplete,if it is not properly documented. Documentation tables to all written material that helps to explain the use and maintenance of a system of program proper, documentations enables the user to understand the program and act as a reference tool for programmers. In case modification are required it is easier to understand the logic of a program from the document required rather than the world most programmer spend more of their working time, modifying old code then they do writing new code. If a program is difficult to change it will be clumsily modified which may result in unreliable application. in characteristics of Good program.

Hence it is essential to make the program easy to modify and this is considered by documentation. Documentation also act as a communication medium between members of the development team, it provides information to management to help them Plan, Budget and Schedule the software development process.

Every stage of program development involves documentation, however the process of documentation never in throughout.   When the program is modified during its maintenance has documentation involved to Collecting Organizing and Storing and Maintaining a complete record of programs and other documents user or prepared during various stage, prepared during various stage of program development at the time of implementation.

The programmer should supply all the necessary documents to the end user without the documentation it would be very difficult for the user to use the program efficiently.

If he does not not understand how to use the  program then it will defeat the purpose of program development.

Types of documentation earlier we have discussed that documentation is useful for the developer is well as the user, the user can use this apply documents to understand the functionality of the application, and the developer can use it for office purpose on this basis, we can classify the documentation into two categories, in characteristics of Good program they are given below :-

  • A. For the User
  • B. For the Developer


A. For the User:-

Generally programming is initiated to solve a problem for the end-user. Usually the end-user has nothing to do with how the program was created, But he is interested in how it can be used to his advantages. Since the user does not know the internal details of the program, he must be provided with proper document. So that he can use the application efficiently. Some of useful documenting techniques from the users point of view are discussing under following sub-sections.


System manual:-

A system manual contains the detailed technical information for each application system. It describe each of the major function performed by the application. The Data affected by or used within the application, and the logical flow of data within the application, as well as details concerning all application input and output this manual usually include.

1. General system narrative describing the purpose of the application.

2. Application data describing all file database and records used within the application.

3. Screen displays such as screen prints are there  equivalent displaying the format of each screen and their purposes.

4. A sample of each report to show their purpose. The securities classification of the report and the information concerning sequence page breaks, and summary.

User Manuals:-

Characteristics of Good program, User manuals assist the person to understand the proper use of the system. It provides detailed instruction concerning the procedure to be followed the enter data into the application for processing as well as as to request non recurring reports and other information.  The contents and meaning of each field or data element found on each screen and the contents of each report will be described in detail the description of the data content in the master file on database, which may take the form of a database repository reports will also be provided.

Online help:-

Online help is not an established media for providing your documents for example win help for HTML. Help provided by Microsoft readers May access help text as a whole document, may use hypertext link to navigate around the text and may have a table of contents and index in trees to find particular items, for of interest it is option provided as a context sensitive structure go directly to the relevant topic by placing a Help button or the F1 key. Online documentation can be revised by reissuing using the whole documents on CD or similar media usually updated version of the help of deposited on the company’s website to download for register user.



IN Characteristics of Good program, Developers need to keep proper documentation for reference purposes. We know that programming is an ongoing process and most of the application requirement modification from time to time. Modifying application if it is a complex one is not, very easy.  In addition if the modification is to be done by a programmer.  Other than the original one, then the complexity increased manifold. In such cases, proper documentation can reduce the burden of the programmer’s a great deal. Some of usual documenting techniques from the programmers point of view are discussed under following sub-sections.



Comments are used within a program to assist The Reader in understanding the function or purpose of a single or multiple instructions this should be library sprinkled throughout the module, to help the reader understand how the program work and how it should be properly implemented. Not all the comments are incorporated in the program itself, they are not the path of actual code.


Visual appearance of code:-

The readability of a program is greatly improved by the consistent use of indents when indenting is carried out consistently.  It becomes immediately clear where is structure begins and ends regardless of how deeply embedded these structures become. A common programming error is two  more and statements in a complicated algorithm.  This becomes almost impossible to do if proper indentation is used.  Apart from the Indention, Variable, Process and Module should be named appropriately so that  their purpose and functionality  can be easily understood by simply look at their name.

For Example, if a function is used to add two number then it is better to name it as ADD_FUNC function rather than using a vague name like FUNCI.



Algorithm, Flowchart and Pseudo code are useful means of program documentation. They help in making the program logic easier to understand. In case, the program needs certain modification, the programmer can fall back on these tools even if the program is modified by programmer other then the original programmer, he can understand the logic of the program more easily using these tools rather than going through the actual code.


Various reports:-

  Programming involves many step, in all the steps certain reports are generated such age reports maintenance. Reports and testing reports these reports provide the information regarding the type of adopted methodology. Type of testing conducted type of error discovered in how this error and inefficiencies were tackled error and  these reports are particularly useful when the programmer tries to reconstruct the original program. He can adapt the the same methodology while re- construction or can improve upon the used procedures to create better application.

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