Distance traveled program in C

Hello dear, today we learn calculating time and Distance through a Time and Distance traveled program in C.

Time traveled program in C

int main()
float u,a,dist;
int t;
printf(” Enter the value of a : “);

printf(” Enter the year of u : “);


printf(” Enter the value of t : “);
int i;

dist = (u * i) + (a * i * i)/2;
printf(“\ntime step = %d The distance = %5f\n”,i,dist);


return 0;

Distance traveled

Distance traveled program in C
Distance traveled program in C

Write a C program to find the distance traveled by an object

Distance traveled program in C


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Note:- Maybe sometime above code doesn’t get user-friendly output, in codeblock ‘or’ any other EDITOR, All of C & C++ program tested in DOS compiler Turbo C.

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