Look Stranger Summary Essay

“Look Stranger” is a poem composed by W.H. Auden, a leading poet of the early twentieth century, He revolutionized Poetry and was honored with the king’s medal for poetry.

Realizing the horrors of war, the crisis of clashing ideologies, and being fully aware of contemporary malaise he felt that love- alone could sustain life in the modern world. Sustaining power of love in this age of crisis is emphasized in his love poems. The given poem is a very fine example of the same.

The poet is extremely happy to see the exquisite beauty of nature near the sea coast, He enjoys the first rays of the morning sun falling on the sea. The waves of the sea present not only a moving scene but also a melodious not which passes through the channels of the car.

Look Stranger Summary

The bird is seen taking fights over these In a sheer mood of ecstasy the poet urges his friend to enjoy such a lovely scene. The waves of the sea are dashing against the walls of the chalk mountain and such the chalk walls are failing bit by bit. But the main walls remain intact.

The water enters the sterility of the rocks. The poet imagines that perhaps the rock at first sucks the waves and then spites them out. A number of ships are seen floating on the surface of the sea on urgent errands. They present in attractive and charming scenes.

Essay on Look Stranger

They are looking small as floating seeds because of their long-distance Aihe same time the clouds floating across the sky are being reflected on the face of the sea. In fact, the whole scene has left a permanent print on the poet’s mind. The given poem is considered to be one of the best poems written by WH. Auden.

Look Stranger
Look Stranger

The description is objective and the expression spontaneous. Although the poem was written in blank verse. There is no dearth of alliteration and sonorousness.

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